Advocacy Matters: Tips for Choosing the Right Attorney in Nursing Home Neglect Cases

A nursing home or assisted living facility should be full of compassion and professional care for older adults. However, neglect and other forms of abuse happen more often in nursing homes than you can imagine. Based on a report by the World Health Organization, 64% of staff in institutional settings, including nursing homes, reported abusing an older adult in the past year.

Advocacy Matters: Tips for Choosing the Right Attorney in Nursing Home Neglect Cases

When you, a family member, or a friend are victims of nursing home neglect, it is crucial to seek justice by filing a claim against the facility. To do this successfully, you need a lawyer. How do you choose the right attorney in a nursing home neglect case? Here are a few tips to guide you.

Know Why You're Filing a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

There are many reasons for filing a claim against assistive care facilities for abuse. Understanding why you should pursue a claim can help you identify an appropriate attorney for your case. You can sue a nursing home to:
- Ensure you or your loved one receive compensation for injuries or health conditions caused by neglect.
- Hold the abuser accountable for mistreatment and ensure they face criminal charges.
- Advocate for a change of policies and procedures in the facility to prevent future abuse and transform it into the best living arrangement for your aging parents or friends.

Besides seeking justice for your loved one, legal action can help protect the rights of older adults in long-term care facilities. As the National Consumer Voice reports, older adults have the right to quality of life, privacy, complaints, and information about their care.

Consider the Lawyer's Expertise

Nursing home claims are complex, involving multiple laws and difficult legal questions. To navigate the complexities, your lawyer must have in-depth knowledge of nursing home abuse laws. According to Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo, with an experienced attorney, you will have all the legal guidance needed at every step. But how do you know an attorney has the required experience to handle your case?

Ask them how many nursing home neglect cases they have handled. How many cases were like yours, and what was the outcome? An experienced lawyer will provide the numbers and details on how they approach each case. Equally important, they will evaluate your case and determine which damages you can claim and how much they are worth. According to Forbes, types of compensation you can seek include:
- physical injuries
- medical bills
- disabilities and future medical expenses
- out-of-pocket financial loss for costs linked to the nursing home acts of negligence

What Resources Does Your Attorney Have?

Hiring an attorney is one of the best ways to support loved ones who have been victims of neglect in a nursing home. So, it is crucial that the legal professional you choose guarantees fair justice for your loved one. With that in mind, ask your lawyer how they will build a strong case for your loved one. Will the legal expert investigate your claim, collect evidence, and interrogate witnesses?

If so, do they have the personnel and finances? The right attorney will partner with medical experts who evaluate your medical reports to be sure your injuries are a result of neglect in the assisted living care facility. They will also collaborate with private investigators to collect evidence and interrogate witnesses. They will also set aside funds to settle expenses they incur while preparing for your case.

Determine if the Lawyer Communicates Well

The reason you are hiring a nursing home abuse lawyer is to get fair justice for acts of negligence you or a loved one or you may have experienced. And this can only be done when you and your lawyer communicate effectively. How do you determine a lawyer communicates well? Interview them during the initial consultation. How they answer your questions tells a lot about how they talk to clients and present themselves in court.

You want someone who listens to and answers your questions in a language you can understand. Aside from giving straightforward answers to your queries, is the lawyer comfortable giving you their direct dial? After all, you will need to contact the lawyer to ask about the case's progress or inquire about something about the case. If the attorney does not check this list, search elsewhere.


True, choosing the right lawyer for a nursing home negligence claim can be overwhelming. But you can succeed if you know what you are searching for. First, determine why you are pursuing a nursing home neglect case. Then, look for a legal professional with expertise handling cases like yours. Experience alone does not make a lawyer perfect for your nursing home neglect case. So, make sure the lawyer you choose has the resources to build a strong case on your behalf and possess strong communication skills.

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