How to Prevent Alcohol from Ruining Your Career

When your career is on the line, there are a lot of challenging things that get in the way of positive results. One of those things is alcohol, and how big of an effect it has on your behavior. Before things get out of hand, here are some key ways to curb your alcohol use.

How to Prevent Alcohol from Ruining Your Career


When it comes time to seek alcohol treatment covered by Tricare, then your self-awareness gets a hard check. There comes a realization that several opportunities have passed and will continue to pass as you get better. The world doesn’t stop when alcohol takes over your life, so reflecting on missed career chances is wasted time. Having self-awareness about your alcohol abuse is effective at all stages of your life. Even if you fail the initial check, having awareness during the treatment phase will turn you into a stronger individual afterwards. If you want to help your career, never get into the mindset that the world has to pause while you figure things out.

Read The Room

Social cues are easy to miss when you are looking at the bottom of a glass. During social drinking functions, pay attention to how much everyone is drinking. It isn’t uncommon for high- ranking individuals to nurse a single glass during an entire work social. If the people that sign your paycheck are still on their first glass, then indulging will only put a target on your back. People always notice the heavy drinker of a group, and not reading the room is a quick way to get rumors boiling. The last thing anyone needs for their career is to have ‘alcoholic’ murmurs during work functions.

Are Others Critical?

It’s easy to ignore criticisms from people you don’t like. But when those same criticisms are repeated by other people, then it becomes problematic in the workplace. One person talking about your drinking should always raise an eyebrow. Multiple people mentioning it will close a lot of doors in your career. By getting in front of the criticism, you will aways be aware of your career status. Letting rumors linger only means that there is something material for others to grasp onto. Have you been going overboard with alcohol? Is it also noticeable outside of professional settings? If the answer is yes to either one of these, then a change needs to be made.


Careers are built on hard work, stress and a lot of patience. You can’t substitute any of these three things with alcohol. When furthering your career involves the use of alcohol to numb some of the harder parts of this grind, then alcoholism wins and your career begins to flail. Practice balance and patience so that alcohol is a recreational treat instead of a persistent stress relief. You should always be in control of alcohol consumption, even after a tough week at work.

Be A Professional

You shouldn’t have to rely on social queues to stop alcohol abuse. When things get too far, it leads to a game of catchup with your career on the line. Focus on your career by being a professional when it counts the most.

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