About To Quit Cold Turkey? Here’s Why You Should Never Undergo Detox on Your Own

When you make the decision to get sober on your own, it is a choice that comes with a lot of responsibility. Detoxing at home without supervision is a risk project that could make your addiction worse. Even if you are in the right state of mind, it takes more than determination to get over drugs.

About To Quit Cold Turkey? Here’s Why You Should Never Undergo Detox on Your Own

Going All In

Individuals that have failed detoxing on their own will often seek out Detox Services inOrange County. It’s never too late to check into a rehab program to combat addiction. Turning things around with the help of rehab uses approved methods. This is vital when dealing with the many faces of addiction. Everyone will have different levels of progress, treatment options and goals. Addiction is unique, and the biggest mistake you can make is to use a uniform treatment plan. This is one of the many flaws of home detox, with many other cons that are often not talked about.

The First Problem

As it was discussed before that unsupervised home detox has the unfortunate issue of how it handles treatment. Although there are different home detox types, they lack the flexibility to account for the countless addiction variables. One of the major examples of it backfiring is when someone suffering from PTSD decides to do an emergency detox. Home detox does a poor job of taking PTSD symptoms into consideration. Since it is tied to the addiction, you run the risk of worsening other symptoms to a dangerous level. Home detox without supervision puts you at risk for a life-threatening complication.

Self-Detox Complications

A lot of the methods recommended for unsupervised home detox are not backed by factual medical advice. Your body will have a reaction, and struggles will be unique. Everyone will react to detox in a completely different way. That means complications related to detox will take on the same level of uncertainty. What happens when you decide to detox and go into a coma? If you have parental responsibilities, what happens when the detox leaves you incapable of fulfilling these duties? A self-detox is not the same as going cold turkey with cigarettes. The withdrawals are physically and mentally draining to the highest degree. Without a solid support system, your entire life will have to be put on hold.


This is the part of self-detoxing that isn’t talked about enough. Addicts go through relapses all the time, but a relapse from an unsupervised self-detox hits differently. You’re in a carnivorous state of mind while also being in a familiar place. This allows for some life altering decisions as your mind and body try to recoup the time lost not being high. For a lot of people, failed self-detoxes have led to relapses around family members, coworkers and even in public spaces. Withdrawals can be fierce, and the worst kind happens when you feel like the addiction is over with.

Help Is Always Available

There is nothing wrong with asking for help from a professional. Embarrassment should never be an emotion you feel when doing the right thing. Detox is a process, so always prioritize experience over pride.

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