NAD Supplements, Retinol Creams, and Beyond: The Top Anti-Aging Treatments to Invest In Today

Aging can be such a sensitive subject. We don’t want to look older, and we don’t want to feel older. There’s no stopping time, but we can boost our body’s ability to stand up against it. Issues like premature aging, stress, and even poor diet and lifestyle habits can all take huge tolls on how you look and feel, but don’t despair if this sounds like you. You can reverse a lot of the damage.

NAD Supplements, Retinol Creams, and Beyond: The Top Anti-Aging Treatments to Invest In Today

You can do this because our cells are constantly turning over. Knowing how to encourage that cell turnover and make it more effective, however, is the secret. That’s why these top anti-aging supplements need to maximize the efficiency of that turnover so you can look and feel like a whole new person.

Start By Boosting Your NAD Levels

NAD is a coenzyme, and it plays a few very crucial roles in energy distribution and DNA repair. It also declines as we age (typical, right?) which means that you need to start taking NMN supplements. NMN is an activator that can kickstart NAD, which in turn, will become either NAD+ or NADH. Both coenzymes are essential for your body’s cell turnover. After all, they work to increase your energy levels and protect your DNA, so cell turnover is more efficient and error-free.

Increasing Circulation

Your circulatory system is how your body distributes all the essential nutrients, vitamins, oxygen, and hydration around your body. While it’s fairly good at getting through to your major arteries and veins, it does need a bit of help if you want your circulatory system to reach your skin. NAD+ along with circulation boosts can help your body to respond more efficiently and heal with great results.

- Massages, Exfoliation and Micro-Needling
Massages, exfoliation, and microneedling can all help to bring blood to the surface where your skin can then benefit from a nutrient dose as well as an inrush of white blood cells. Once your skin is flush, it’ll more readily absorb skincare creams and retinols, allowing you to get more value out of every treatment.

- Light Therapy
Another great way to encourage circulation is with light therapy. Be careful, though, as you’re specifically after short bursts of sun and red-light therapy. Short ten-minute batches in the sun can help your body to absorb the essential vitamin D that’s critical for bone health. The sun’s UV rays (in short doses) also work to kill bacteria, which in turn, can clear up your skin for a more even tone.

Red light therapy takes away the risk of UV damage, and instead works to boost your circulation and white blood cell response to encourage cell turnover and help targeted areas to heal. With the help of NAD, this means everything from the skin down turns over more efficiently, so you can feel better from the inside and outside.

Retinol and Vitamin A

Retinol is a great anti-aging treatment for the skin. You can get over the counter options or get a prescription for the more advanced vitamin A treatment. What this treatment does is it encourages cell turnover, which in turn works to remove the top layer of skin over and over so you can literally wipe away (though not all at once) any issues, sunspots, uneven skin tone, and even acne.

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