Home Maintenance Checklist: Seasonal Tasks to Keep Your Home in Top Shape

Being a homeowner means looking after your space in every season. Winter, fall, summer, and spring all call for specific tasks that, if you neglect them, will have big consequences for the vibe and integrity of the building. This home maintenance checklist will help you stay on top of essential chores during every season so that your house stays beautiful and serene.

Home Maintenance Checklist: Seasonal Tasks to Keep Your Home in Top Shape


The warmer months where the days are long, and the nights are short, provide a range of things to think about. A lot of the jobs for summer are garden related, but the list does include a few other things too.

Pest Control

When the sun is shining, the pests are highly active. Whether it is rodents, wasps, or insects, your garden and house are vulnerable to infestations. Watch out for the classic signs like visible sightings, internal damage, and droppings, and make sure that you have a reliable pest control expert like Spidexx to deal with any issues that arise.

BBQ Maintenance

Another great task for summer is cleaning up your grill for all of the outdoor social time that’s about to come your way. Make sure it’s in great condition for when you’re ready to fire it up, as then there will be no delays for fun summer afternoons.


When summer draws to an end and the leaves are starting to fall, there are other things to think about around the home. A lot of the focus here will be on how to make sure your house is ready for the cold spell around the corner.

Pack Up Your Garden

When it starts to get colder, it is time to pack up your garden so that things like furniture sets and paddling pools are safely stored away for next year’s summer. Invest in some waterproof covers and clean all of the summer toys before they are put into storage.

Clean the Guttering

The winter months are coming which means your home’s guttering has to be completely functional. Your job is to either hire a professional to clean them out or get up there on the ladder and do it yourself. The last thing you need is a blockage because it can lead to damage inside the house and a far bigger job if left unchecked.


If you neglect the jobs below, there is a major risk that the building will suffer, and you may face unnecessary temperature challenges or financial impact.

Keep an Eye on the Roof

The roof is the most common thing to get damaged in stormy weather such as strong winds and heavy rain. If your roof gets damaged, it will be a substantial repair that will require professional input. So, try to keep an eye on any slipping tiles or noticeable points of wear and tear before the problem becomes a massive ordeal.

Moisture Levels

The next obligation is ensuring that your home doesn’t fall victim to unsustainable moisture levels. When condensation takes hold, damp can infiltrate and then you will face a number of complications like décor deterioration and even plaster and brick degradation.


Finally, during spring, it is great to have a deep clean from top to bottom. This includes dusting every corner and getting rid of the cobwebs, decluttering, and shampooing the carpets too. This can include minor (or major) decorating tasks too! There is always space for a room refresh which can include picking a new color to liven up the living area or getting a whole new kitchen fitted. Spring is the time for fresh starts and bright beginnings.

Every season has its own special job for the house. Staying on top of these is essential.


  1. I am running through a list like this right now. So far I have my gardens 1/2 done. Next is getting my shed ready for winter.

  2. I am so saving this list thanks for sharing. I am still doing yard work trying to catch up for the fall season.
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