5 Benefits of Upgrading to a New Air Conditioner

Making the decision to invest in a new air conditioner is something many homeowner choose to put off for longer than necessary, especially if it’s the winter months. However, there are a number of benefits to making the switch to a newer system that can result in noticeable differences in the comfort of a home. Learn everything there is to know about the reasons for why you should invest in a new AC system when it’s time for your old one to be replaced.

Common Reasons to Upgrade an AC Unit
There are a variety of reasons that a homeowner may choose to upgrade their AC unit, but a few common problems standout as being the most convincing reasons. The most notable of these include:

-An AC unit no longer providing cool air in the home
- An AC unit making a large amount of noise when it is running
- An AC unit causing weird and funky smelling air to emerge from the vents
- An AC unit no longer effectively cooling down the air in a home
- An AC unit no longer responds to temperature control commands from the thermostat

Any of the above reasons would warrant reaching out to The Otter Guys for HVAC diagnosis, repair, or replacement. Still, choosing to make this investment can be difficult if you don’t know the many benefits AC replacement can bring to your home.

5 Benefits to Updating Your Air Conditioning As mentioned, choosing to make the switch to a new air conditioning unit can be difficult if you don’t understand the benefits it offers. The following five benefits should all be considered when making your decision:

1. Lower utility bills on a monthly basis
When an air conditioning unit works as it should, it will remove air from the home more efficiently. This allows the home to be cooled down faster so that the AC unit can shut off. The less amount of time the unit is on, the less energy it is using and, therefore, the lower price you pay.

2. Faster cooling of your home
As alluded to above, new air conditioning units are far more efficient than older models which means your home will reach the desired temperature quicker. On hot summer days, especially in areas with high humidity as well, this can make all the difference in terms of comfort.

3. You will be treating the environment better
Modern air conditioning units utilize equipment and chemicals that are far healthier for the environment than those in older models. While this may not be a tangible benefit that your home sees, it is still a benefit for everybody, nonetheless.

4. The system will run quieter
One of the most annoying situations a homeowner can find themselves dealing with is an AC unit that makes loud whooping or thumping noises while it’s running and when it turns on or off. Newer units run quieter than older models which can finally offer you some peace in the background on warm days where air conditioning is required.

5. Better control over temperature in the home
Finally, beyond running more efficiently newer air conditioning units also offer better control over temperature in a home. Older model temperature units may not be as precise as newer models, which means you need to settle for a temperature range, as opposed to a specific temperature with a certain amount of humidity in the air. Having the option to customize the temperature in your home to such a degree is a perk many people never even consider.

How Much Does AC Replacement Cost?
With all of the above benefits outlined, it’s only natural to wonder what AC replacement will actually cost. Depending on the complexity of the AC system that is in place, the cost can range by a wide margin. On average, a homeowner will pay around $6,000 to replace their AC unit, but the cost can get as high as $21,000 depending on the project. Keep this price point in your mind when you start budgeting for this renovation.

Elevate the quality of your AC unit
Whether you are seeking a quieter air conditioning unit, more effective airflow, or you are simply in need of colder air, choosing to replace your unit can be a smart choice. Notice the signs that your AC unit is getting older and take action before the entire system gives out on you and stops outputting fresh and cold air.

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