3 Gift Ideas for Adventurous Kids

You may have a lot on your hands when you have outdoorsy and adventurous kids. And 11-14 are some of their most adventurous years. However, you are responsible for keeping them engaged as much as possible, which can be difficult. A solution is to find appropriate gifts that match their interests and passions. Fortunately for you, there are many choices when searching for the ideal present for outdoorsy and adventurous kids. These are some ideas that may help.

Foldable binoculars

Adult binoculars may not be ideal for young children. This is because of the huge size and need for proper grip to handle. Your focus, therefore, must be on child-friendly foldable binoculars. These are smaller, lighter, and have sizeable barrels that a kid’s hands can grip firmly. These features also make it safely collapsible and easy to tuck into a backpack. It would be best to get the size right, especially regarding the focusing knob. A child should be able to look through the lenses and adjust the focusing knob for a clearer view.

Moreover, binoculars meant for minors must have lower magnification because it gives a wider field view advantage. The extra benefit is its clearer view for stargazing or bird watching. Indeed, all these may sound technical, but they will all come together when you do thorough research about age-appropriate binoculars. Your child would love to watch the birds from the backyard.

Kids play tent

When buying play tents for your adventurous children, take note of the quality of the tent fabric. It must be waterproof and resistant to easy tears. More importantly, look for sizable ones that can also fit within your child’s bedroom or the playroom, if there’s one. Again, you will score more points with your adventurous kids if the tent is in a favorite color.

What’s a camping play tent without toys? Try checking out online stores for kids, such as dinosaur-universe.com, to order figurines that fit your child’s interests. It will make their make-believe camping so worth it. Remember to spread out cozy blankets inside the tent. It will come in handy when your child takes a nap. Before purchasing the tent, it helps to crosscheck its age-appropriateness for your child.

Double hammock

There may be no immediate plans for real camping outside the home. However, a double hammock can elicit the feeling of camping in your house or backyard. An outdoorsy and adventurous child will very much appreciate this. Double hammocks will serve a longer purpose than the single, regular design. This is because the extra fabric makes it heavier.

This means as your child grows and increases in size, the double hammock will not give way to the added pressure. Additionally, with an extra five feet of width, your adventurous kid can snuggle with a pet as often as needed. Double hammocks can also be of great use in winter due to their increased warmth. What better way to engage in a private camping activity right in your home, preferably in the yard?

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