How To React When Your Child Gets Engaged

If you have children, it is highly likely that, at some point, they’ll find a partner, get married and build a family of their own. It’s just what humans do.

Even so, it can be challenging to know how to react as a parent. You want your child to be happy. And you know that getting engaged is a big decision, not to be taken lightly.

However, parents can sometimes get their responses wrong or not quite know how to manage the situation. Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this post, we offer some guidance to parents who’ve just heard the happy news that their son or daughter is getting engaged.

You’ll Want to Share It but Don’t

When you first hear the news of your child’s engagement, your first instinct will be to share it with everyone who will listen. However, you’ll want to avoid this temptation and leave it to the couple themselves to spread the news. They may wish to tell family and friends themselves.

If they tell you first, see it as a privilege. You’re clearly important in their lives. But don’t use that as a platform to trumpet the news to other people, particularly if they tell you that they want to do it.

Know That Stress Is a Normal Part of the Process

When a child announces their engagement, you’ll feel a mixture of opinions. Stress will likely be a part of it. And that’s okay. Marriages are a big deal, and weddings are expensive. You may have to shell out vast sums of money on venues, cakes and entertainment.

If you feel a twinge of stress, just remind yourself that this is what life’s all about. If money is a serious concern, tell your children that you’re on a budget or get the other party to fund part of the wedding so that it’s not all on your shoulders.

If you’re still struggling, try writing down how you feel. Sometimes, getting it on paper makes it more manageable.

Check The Quality of the Ring

The excitement of engagement can cause some people to make rash decisions, particularly if they are young. And, for this reason, they may neglect to do basic due diligence when it comes to buying the ring. After all, there are so many options out there – from classic diamonds to pearl engagement rings and birthstone alternatives.

According to a Clean Origin review, a brand that sells rings, consumers need to be aware of what they are buying. Not all diamonds, for instance, come out of the ground. Many are grown in a lab. Others aren’t diamonds at all, or may only use plated metal, instead of solid gold.

Get Ready to Plan Several Other Events Before the Wedding

While the wedding is the main event, there are several other things that the happy couple will need to do before tying the knot. For instance, they might want to throw an engagement party. This way, they can celebrate the next step in their relationship. They will also need to go through all the legal requirements (including checking whether their existing partner is already married).

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