How To Treat Your Best Man & Show Appreciation

It is customary to give gifts to the bridesmaids and best man on your wedding day. This is a token of your appreciation for all of the hard work they have put in during the build-up to your wedding. No doubt your best man has planned your bachelor party, helped ease your nerves, and chipped in with other aspects of your wedding. A small gift can show how much you appreciate their efforts. But what sort of gift is suitable for your best man? Let’s take a look at some suggestions...

How To Treat Your Best Man & Show Appreciation

· An experience - Why not treat your best man to a day they will never forget? There are many different websites offering vouchers for gift experiences. This could be anything from a beer tour to a sporting event. Or why not choose a luxury sports car package, enabling your best man to drive his dream car for an hour or two?

· Sterling silver cufflinks - Cufflinks make a great present because they are stylish and can be saved for special occasions. Not only this, but your best man can add them to his outfit there and then for the perfect wedding style. Why not get the cufflinks engraved, so they are personal to your friendship and wedding?

· A trophy - For a fun novelty present, why not opt for a trophy celebrating how great the person has been in fulfilling their best man duties?

· Shot glass or whiskey tumbler - Why not opt for a unique shot glass or whiskey tumbler? Or, if your best man is a beer drinker, you could choose a stylish tankard instead. From stag designs to personalized glasses, there are plenty of gentlemanly options to choose from.

· Personalized beer crate - There are plenty of companies today that give you the ability to put your own beer crate together. The crate itself can be personalized with your best man’s name. You can then fill the crate with all of their favorite drinks, or why not throw in a few unique flavors for them to try?

· Personalized plectrum - Is your best man an aspiring rock star? If they play the guitar, or like to think they do, this is the perfect gift. In fact, it’s a thoughtful choice for anyone that has a love of music.

· Grooming gifts - Grooming gifts, like a top beard care kit, work well because they will be appreciated, and they make sure your best man looks good on the wedding.

· Customized tie pin - You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to give someone a thoughtful and stylish gift. Why not opt for a hand-stamped tie pin instead?

· Personalized hip flask - You cannot go wrong with a hip flask, and the personalization adds a thoughtful extra tough. From novelty hip flasks to those with a simple and classic design, there is something for all tastes. You could have the date of the wedding engraved on the front or the words 'best man'. Or why not opt for a funny quote instead?

All things considered, it is nice to show your best man that you appreciate all of their hard work in the build-up to your wedding. Consider one of the eight gifts mentioned above as the perfect way to say thank you.

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