Your Guide to Planning an Awesome Beach Holiday

When the weather starts to warm up, there's nothing quite like packing your bags and heading to the beach for a weekend of relaxation. But if you want to make sure that your beach vacation is as enjoyable as possible, it's important to plan ahead. This blog post will give you some great tips on having a fabulous weekend at the beach!

Your Guide to Planning an Awesome Beach Holiday

Planning Your Weekend:

Decide On a Beach

First, pick a spot. Do some research online or in travel guides to find the best beaches for your needs. If you want quiet and relaxation, look for secluded beaches away from crowds. If you're looking for action and excitement, choose a beach with plenty of activities and nightlife.

Lock It Down

Next, book your stay. Depending on your destination, there are a variety of accommodation options available such as hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, or camping grounds. Get an idea of prices and what amenities are included before making your decision.

Start Packing

Then, pack your bags. Make a list of what you'll need and start packing early, so you don't forget anything important. Essentials include sunscreen, towels, swimwear, a hat, and insect repellent. If you're traveling with children, be sure to pack plenty of snacks and drinks and games and toys to keep them occupied.

You may also want to bring one of your Scout bags with your personal belongings, such as a phone charger, sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent, and money.

Here Is a List of Things to Consider Packing:

Pack Plenty of Sunscreen

It's no secret that sunscreen is a must-have when hitting the beach. But did you know that it's also important to reapply sunscreen every two hours? So, make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen (at least SPF 30) to stay safe in the sun all day long.

Bring Snacks and Drinks

When you're at the beach, it's always important to have snacks and drinks on hand. This way, you won't have to leave the beach to get a bite to eat or drink. So be sure to pack plenty of water and healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables.

Protect Your Electronics

It's inevitable that you'll want to take pictures and videos while at the beach. But if you don't protect your electronics, they could easily get wet and ruined. So be sure to pack a waterproof camera case or bag and extra batteries and memory cards.

Bring a Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella is a must-have for any trip to the beach. It provides shade, but it also helps keep you cool on hot days. Plus, it can be a great place to relax in between swimming sessions.

Bring a Beach Towel

A beach towel is a must-have for any trip to the beach. It provides a place to sit, but it also helps keep you dry when walking back from the water. Plus, it can be used as a makeshift blanket or sarong if needed.

Bring Extra Clothes

It's always a good idea to bring extra clothes when going to the beach. This way, you can change into something dry if you get wet, and you'll also have a spare set of clothes in case something happens. Be sure to pack a few lightweight items that can easily be packed away.


Once you've arrived at your destination, take some time to explore. Get orientated with the area and find out where the best beaches, restaurants, and attractions are. Be sure to leave plenty of time for relaxation – after all, that's why you came on vacation!

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