Getting Insight on Our Future with California Psychics

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Psychics.

I have always been curious about psychic readings. I watched those commercials as a child, but never made the plunge to reach out. But we have been going through a serious change in our marriage and it has been affecting our lives, so I recently reached out to California Psychics for an online psychic reading.

Getting Insght on Our Future with California Psychics

From the very beginning of the call, I felt like I was talking to a trusted friend. It felt very safe and conversational while feeling a connection beyond the ordinary. I have been curious about my life path and if I am living to my true full potential. That's why California Psychics exists: to help those searching for insight, knowledge, and answers regarding their future. Those unafraid to look to a greater force for guidance and follow it on their path to a happier, better version of themselves. Get a $5 credit added to your first purchase with code Diana5. Sign up at or download the app.

Setting up a call was very easy.

One part of the process I liked was that you could select the right psychic advisor to fit your needs. For me, I have always been into horoscopes and was pleasantly surprised that I chose one who used that tool, but you can select a psychic advisor who uses no tools at all. I chose Psychic Nevada because she was compassionate, so she used a soft and loving manner with my heart in mind. I loved her tagline "empowers you to give and receive your best love".

My First Psychic Reading

I haven't talked about it much, but my husband and I have been going through marriage counseling. A few things lead to this point, and I am kind of thankful those things happened, because it helped him accept that we needed help.

I was personally seeking out a compassionate psychic advisor, so when I found Psychic Nevada from California Psychics, I was relieved. It was so enlightening speaking with her, as she had a very calm voice and was quick to talk me through my marriage questions.

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She just asked for my name and sign (Diana and Aries). Without more info than that, she said my emotional past needs to be released before being able to fully move forward. Which is very accurate because my husband and I have been together for 15 years, I will continually bring up unhealed things because we never got resolution, or I have noticed a cycle. She said she felt my body energy was a champion and I am finding a new version of myself that is strong and powerful. And if you have followed me for any amount of time, you know I am into CrossFit and have found so much new strength, confidence, and athleticism in it that I never knew I had. She said that I am commanding attention, and the group dynamic is an issue because of lack of boundaries, which is something my husband and I recently talked about in therapy. She also mentioned that I have been feeling emotional overwhelm.

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Then I gave her my husband's name and zodiac sign (Greg and Capricorn). She said he has an intense energy that is full of toxicity, depression, and deception. She said she saw marriage upside down, but he does want to hold on and increase momentum in our healing journey. But he wants to empower himself while trying to navigate being more emotionally accountable. She said that she could see his job was stressful and a major pain point. That she could see my evolution was causing him concern about leaving but he was slow to change. That our issue was him being emotionally dissatisfied and he suffers from superman syndrome. That because I don't need him as much, it is causing his world to feel upside down. When I tell you that these are all the things we have talked about in counseling, and I only gave her our names and zodiac signs. I was amazed.

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I was truly in awe of the experience and when I shared it with my husband, he said "wow, she really nailed everything on the head". I love how flexible my call was. I picked a psychic advisor that was online at the time I was ready to talk, but you can also schedule a call back if you have a certain person in mind. If you are interested in your own love psychic reading, a California Psychics advisor is waiting.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Psychics.

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