DIY Letter Tie Dye Crayons {Fun Gift Idea}

 My daughter had a BETA Convention back in November. It was her first ever and so much fun! She submitted a sculpture. We didn't know what to expect so we went into it trying our best but being realistic about expectations meaning not to get our hopes up. The theme was "BETA Together" since the was the first in person convention since 2019. With this theme in mind, my daughter decided to create ants building something together. She decided on building the words "BETA Together" so I suggested using old, broken crayons to make the letters. It was a fun project and I thought it would make a great gift idea if you built someone's name, they are also big and make great baby/toddler crayons.

DIY Letter Tie Dye Crayons {Fun Gift Idea}

How to Make Letter Tie Dye Crayons

First thing you are going to want to find all of your broken crayons and soak them in warm water for minutes. Then you are going to remove all paper and glue. The Crayola crayons work best, and lower quality crayons are not only going to be harder to get all the glue off but will also melt differently.

Next you are going to break the crayons into small pieces. We ended up trying to keep the same colors together but putting two different colors into an alphabet silicone mold gives them the tie dye effect. I placed the silicone molds on a baking sheet. Bake in oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 13 minutes. Then cool in freezer for 30 minutes. You can also leave them out overnight to harden as well. 

You could spell out a child name and then put in a fun box to wrap as a gift.

Have you ever made homemade crayons?


  1. What a cool idea. Congrats to her.

  2. This is a really cool and simple DIY! I can't wait to make these. Thanks.

  3. Waoww! Congratulations 🎉 I was looking for tie dye crayons for my daughter and now we are going to do that ! Thank you by the way ☺️


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