Doodle As A Stress Therapy - Learn How To Calm Down Easily

No one today is immune to the harmful influences of stress and tension, and we’re all just trying to escape it - one way or another, but how? Most people don’t realize that the things they turn to for stress relief cause more harm than good. The information overload you get from swiping through your phone in your down time or watching Netflix isn’t what you need. Most experts recommend a peaceful, calming hobby far away from the hustle and bustle of your normal life.

Doodle As A Stress Therapy - Learn How To Calm Down Easily

If that’s what’s been happening with you, consider trying to pick up doodling or drawing of some kind for yourself. There are countless benefits to the practice. It boosts mindfulness, relaxes the brain, and promotes happiness hormones.

In this article, we’re going to talk more about the benefits of using art and doodling to relax, and even discuss all the different kinds of art you can take up!

Use the Right Art Supplies

The science behind this tip is simple - you’re trying to avoid stress and relax, not worry about your art supplies and constantly struggle! If you’re doodling, sketching, or coloring with pencils, make sure they’re good quality and use the right sharpeners. Okay, so you’re probably confused at this point. Afterall, you probably thought all sharpeners were the same - but that choice matters. You can find more info about them online, but choose wisely.

Doodle As A Stress Therapy - Learn How To Calm Down Easily

The same goes for markers, paint, and anything else. You don’t have to buy expert level supplies, but don’t go with the cheapest available option either.

Doodling Calms the Mind

According to multiple studies, doodling helps you relax and forget the world’s worries. When you’re making art, you can just retreat into your own head and do what’s second nature to all humans - be creative! Something deep down inside of us recognizes that this is what we’re supposed to do, and there’s so much joy in that.

Helps You Concentrate

The repetitive motions of doodling are great for helping your attention span and your ability to concentrate. When you spend even 20 minutes a day with your mind stuck on one simple task, you’ll see that it’s easier for you to focus on others. It’s been proven to help with many attention spans, which might be exactly what you need!

Harvard Health says that doodling might be exactly the thing you need if you’re having trouble concentrating on something. Just put your work down and doodle for a few minutes - it’s supposed to help give your brain a break and help you that way.

It Helps With Solving Problems

You might have already noticed, but laying a problem out for you to see helps make sense of it and find a quicker solution. Office executives say that it helps their teams think outside the box more often, and it results in more creative solutions to their problems. This is why many writers make mind maps for their essays and novels before they start - seeing it all on paper can really give you new ideas!

In the end, doodling is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Don’t let yourself get too caught up in making sure it “looks like art” or that it looks like Picasso made it. This will only keep the doodling from doing you any good.

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