Encouraging Your Kids to Be Active

Encouraging Your Kids to Be Active

Regular exercise is important for everyone, including kids. By ensuring your kids take part in regular physical activities, you can help them to improve their fitness, maintain a healthy weight and decrease the risk of future medical problems. If you want to instill a love of exercise in your kids, take a look at these top ways to encourage your kids to be active:

Make It Fun

When exercise is fun, it doesn’t feel like a chore at all. In fact, kids will actually ask to repeat an activity that they find fun and exciting. When you treat your kids to age-appropriate equipment, like PonyCycle, that boots fitness while delivering fun, it’s easy to inspire them to be active. What’s more – having access to age-appropriate equipment ensures physical activity can become part of their daily routine, rather than a one-off event.

Let Them Try New Things

Some kids are naturally talented footballers, while others have a gift for snowboarding, skating, or dance. For some youngsters, it can take a while to find an activity they genuinely enjoy, so give them the opportunity to try as many things as possible. You’ll find that most clubs or activity groups offer free or low-cost taster sessions, so you can let your kids sample numerous activities without having to sign up for full courses or semesters.

Educate Youngsters About Fitness

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about the importance of taking care of themselves. When you educate your kids about health and fitness, you’re teaching them important lessons that will last the rest of their lifetime. With the right approach, you can ensure that your children grow up understanding how beneficial regular exercise is for their mind and body.

Encouraging Your Kids to Be Active

Lead by Example

If you’re struggling to get your kids to switch screens for activities, you may need to rethink your own approach to fitness. You’re an important role model for your children, which means that you can influence their behavior simply by what they see you doing. If you make fitness a core part of your own life, you will encourage your kids to do the same.

Take a Moderate Approach

If you want your kids to undertake more physical activity, it’s important to be encouraging and motivating, without being overbearing. Focusing too much on weight or strength can lead to feelings of shame or affect your child’s self-esteem, for example. Instead of making physical activity a ‘must do’ chore, use gentle encouragement to inspire your kids to be more active.

Keeping Kids Motivated

Even if your child loves doing a particular activity to begin with, they won’t always stay motivated. Much like adults, kids need to find ways to refresh their motivation when it comes to fitness and activities. By continuing to make things fun, setting your kids challenges, and offering positive reinforcement, you can keep them interesting and excited about being active. As a result, you’ll find that fitness becomes a natural part of their life and something that they truly enjoy.

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