Sweet Birthday Surprises for Someone You Love

Birthdays always deserve to be celebrated at least a little, whether the person celebrating is turning five or fifty. As you get older, you might only go all out for the milestone birthdays, but it's still fun to do something on the less significant birthdays too. Giving someone a surprise on their birthday is a great way to celebrate, especially if you know that they're the type of person to enjoy surprises. You can surprise people in big and small ways, showing them that not only are you thinking of them but that you've spent time planning a surprise just for them. Take a look at these birthday surprise ideas for inspiration. 

Surprise Them with Breakfast (or Another Meal) 

A birthday breakfast is a lovely way to wake up on your special day. Making someone breakfast, whether enjoyed in bed or not, is a nice gesture to start their day off right. Go for something special that you don't normally have for breakfast, such as pancakes or maybe a luxury dish that takes a bit longer to prepare. Just remember that it's only a treat if you also clean up after yourself - it doesn't count if the birthday person has to do the dishes.

Send a Surprise Gift 

When you're not around to help someone celebrate their birthday, sending them a gift is the next best thing. You can send people gifts at home or at work to make sure they have something to open when it's their birthday. It could be birthday flowers or chocolates, or something a bit more personal. There are all kinds of birthday gifts that they might enjoy. You could even send them a cake and get it personalized. Look for a company that delivers celebration cakes to make sure your loved one has something tasty on their special day. You might want to check that they're going to be available to accept the delivery, however. 

Throw a (Virtual) Surprise Party 

Not everyone will be receptive to a surprise party, but a lot of people love the idea. They get to celebrate their birthday and they don't have to do any of the work of planning or hosting the party. A surprise party can be easy to put together too. You just have to make sure someone is in charge of the guest list and that someone gets the guest of honor there on time. If you can't have the party in person, you have the option of celebrating with a virtual surprise party, which can be fun too. 

Plan a Fun Activity 

Another way to surprise someone on their birthday could be to plan an activity for them to do. It could be a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt, a yarn trail with a gift at the end, a picnic, a dance party, camping in the backyard, an art class or cooking class, or any other fun activity that you think they would like. Think of something that they would enjoy being surprised with, such as something they've expressed a desire for before. 

Keep birthdays interesting by surprising the people you love on their special day. There are lots of ways to surprise someone and make their birthday a good one. 

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