Walking to School: 4 Safety Tips to Teach Your Children

Love it or loathe it, the school run is a big part of your child’s day and while it can be a bit of a nightmare getting everyone out of the door on time and not leave anything behind, we somehow manage it 5 days a week.

elmentary school aged child walking down path

If you’re a family who is lucky enough to be able to walk to school, then you’re already enjoying the benefits of additional exercise, fresh air and extra time spent together before 9am. However, as a parent, keeping your child safe whilst they’re walking to school isn’t always easy. These days motorists are distracted by phones, social media and even eating their breakfast behind the wheel, which means they may not spot you and your child crossing the road until it’s too late. Speak with a pedestrian accident law firm if you or your child have been injured by a motorist. 

Teaching your child pedestrian safety habits now could ensure their welfare as they grow and start to walk to school independently. Here we'll explore 4 safety tips to teach your children whilst walking to school. 

Keep Your Kids Visible

Get into the habit of putting your child in brightly colored clothes when they’re walking to school. This helps drivers and cyclists spot your children, particularly if visibility is poor due to the weather or time of year. If your child’s uniform or clothing is dark, then consider a brightly colored coat or bag. You can also add reflective items to their coat or rucksack to keep visibility high. This will help to prevent them ending up in hospital and you needing to consult a personal injury lawyer, good as they may be, to help you pay the bill.

Crossings and Crossing Guards

If there is a marked crosswalk or a crossing guard available, then you should always utilize them. Even if it means slightly doubling back on yourself, always encourage your child to cross where it is safest, not the most convenient. Always teach your child to continue to look both ways as they cross the road, and to be vigilant.

Put Your Phone Away

It’s easy to quickly check the time on your smart device and then be pulled into social media or listen to music to make your commute a little more enjoyable. However, this is a habit you shouldn’t encourage your children to mimic. Remind them to keep their smart devices tucked away and their headphones safe in their bags until they get home. That way they can fully concentrate and focus on what’s going on around them.

Remind Them of Stranger Danger

You’re walking to school with them at the moment, but there’ll be a time when they crave independence and you’re happy to let them go it alone. It’s always a good idea to remind them of stranger danger and to never accept a ride from anyone they don’t know. If they think they’re being followed they should head into a store and ask for help, find another parent with children, a police officer or a grown up to ask for help.

Final thoughts...

Encouraging safe pedestrian behavior now will help keep your child safe and give you peace of mind as they grow, but if something does go wrong, and your child is hurt, you should contact our team of child injury attorneys today to ensure you and your child get all the help and support they need.


  1. This is some really good information. Safety is so important.

  2. These are good tips. We've also had scares in our area with kids waiting for bus pickup. Also one recent incident, when two teens walked home and were followed, they didn't think to lock the door at home, and he ended up coming into the house to get at them! Kids walking home to an empty house need to know to lock the doors.


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