The People Your Children Need In Their Lives

No-one achieves great things all on their own. If we’re going to be the best that we can be, then it’s important that we have supportive people around us. We are all just a collection of the experiences and moments that we’ve shared with other people. This is all a bit deep and stuff, so let’s think about how we can apply this idea to the people that are most important to us: our children. If they’re going to grow up to the best people that they can be, then they’ll need to have good people around them. But who, exactly? In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the people that you’ll want to bring into your children’s lives.

The Best You 

There are many people that’ll play a big role in your child’s development, but let’s be real for a moment: there’s no-one more important than you (well, besides your partner...maybe). If your child is going to achieve all that they can achieve in this world, then they’ll need the best version of their parents. Of course, no-one’s perfect, not all the time, but we also all know that sometimes we’re capable of delivering our best, and at other times we’re not. It’s worthwhile figuring out what you need to be the best version of yourself. In all likelihood, it’ll be the same as what everyone else needs, which is -- exercise, limited stress, passions, and plenty of rest. Don’t feel guilty about putting yourself first every now and again. Ultimately, if you’re in a good place, then you’ll be able to do the best for your children. 

Extended Networks 

But of course, while you and your partner will be the main players in your child’s life, you’re not going to be the only ones. Or at least, you shouldn’t be. Did you know that, in some cultures, a child essentially has an extended network of hundreds of people from the moment that they’re born? The child is the responsibility of the whole village, and there’s something magical about that. Of course, in the western world, things aren’t like that. We have more of an individualistic culture. However, that doesn’t mean that your child should be denied the many benefits of having a large network to call upon. So make sure that your friends and family members are involved in your child’s life. There are many things they’ll be able to bring that you can’t (including, among other things, more birthday and Christmas presents!). 

Outstanding Teachers 

You’ll be there during the early development of your child. But at some point, you’ll need to send them off to school. You’ll be putting the continued development of your little one in the hands of professionals. Of course, though we’d like to think otherwise, it’s just a fact that there are good and bad teachers; or rather, it would be better to say that there are ‘good’ teachers and ‘great’ teachers. You already know which type of teacher you’d want your child to have. When it comes to putting your child in the schooling system, make sure you’re conducting plenty of research, in order to figure out which school will be the correct one for your child’s needs. 

Healthcare Professionals 

As well as education, the other important factor of a child’s development is healthcare. If they’re fit and healthy in all areas of body and mind, then they’ll find it much easier to do their best. It’s important to find a good local doctor, so you can handle any issues as and when they arise. General healthcare will be a reactive approach, but there are some things, such as dental care, where you should take a proactive approach. In order to ensure that their teeth are as healthy as can be, be sure to find quality dentists, such as Alex & Inna Silman, for your little ones. It’s also important to remember that there’s a growing need for child therapists these days. If your boy or girl is showing signs of mental distress, then don’t be afraid to call in the experts -- they’ll be able to offer advice that is of real value. 

Wider Community 

Finally, think about the wider community in which your child is growing up. If it’s a welcoming, friendly community, one with good-natured and positive people, then your children will find it easier to fulfill their potential. For this reason, it’s important to think about where you’re putting down roots and building your family home


  1. Great post. You bring up a lot of valid points

  2. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Well that is a true statement! Traits and mannerisms rub off onto your child from who they hang around with! It doesn’t have to be your family. Some kids spend more time with their friends than mom and dad. There are other influences in a child’s life that they try to imitate. For example; their favorite cartoon characters on TV or a bunch of YouTubes on the Internet that glued them to their iPadss or iPhones. My one daughter began to smart off, and not following her curfew and ditching school! Well one name kept popping up in the conversations that I had with teachers, her sisters and cousins. I knew she had to be some kind of influencer! Even though I felt bad for the girl. I felt like she was acting out, because her parents didn’t care. She also was looking to be “adopted” in a family like my daughter’s who were close and cared. I found out in actuality, my daughter did what her friend did so she wouldn’t feel bad or alone.and that she snuck her in our house so she could stay the night and not be alone. My kids also learned about compassion and that they are not better than anyone else! Thank you for bringing this up! These are valid points and we all want our kids to make good. I definitely pinned this one! Thank you for sharing! I am always praying as a parent to do the right things and maKe the right decisions. For the long haul.


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