Summer Gardening Ideas

Whether you decided to start your garden or spruce up your outdoor space during quarantine or not, there is still time to revamp your space. Here are some fantastic ideas to recharge your summer garden.

Another fall is nearly among us. Perhaps you are reflecting and considering how you’d rather a garden that is more suitable for the summer. Well, do not fret. There is plenty you can do ahead of next year. In the following article, we will explore ways that you can improve your garden’s look and design ahead of summer 2021!

For instance, you might be interested in adding water features to your garden. These fixtures can improve the aesthetic of your garden, providing a more natural look while also creating a more tranquil environment through its relaxing sounds. In addition, water features can even enhance air quality and humidity! Examples of water features are cascades, rills, drilled rocks, waterfalls, fountains, ponds and water blades. Whether you add a pond, waterfall, or even a sprinkler system. This can be a beautiful or convenient option to consider.

Water features have a similar benefit to birdfeeders in that they can encourage wildlife into your garden. Types of birdfeeders include house, tube, ground, suet, tray, seed, nut & nibble, and window feeders. You could even make your own DIY birdfeeder simply by using a tea cup, wine bottle or even a plastic bottle. 

Another fantastic way to attract nature like butterflies and birds to your garden is with flowers. Consider purchasing wholesale flower to stock up on the best blooms for your garden. Whether you choose perennial, annual, or exotic flowers, they will attract many pollinators. They can also provide your back yard with a flare of color and vibrancy! And it is so fun to get kids involved in the process of planting them as well.

You should consider having several flower beds added to your garden. This can be achieved with a raised or in-ground bed. It’s preferable to feature the tallest flowers at the back row and the shortest ones at the front. Some great perennials to consider growing in Georgia are Shasta daisy, purple coneflower, sunflowers, daffodils, and elephant ears. Annuals you might consider are petunias, pansies, and violas. You can even add a veggie patch into the mix. Teaching little ones about where their food comes from is a great way to get them to eat more as well.

Alternatively or as an addition, you may wish to have potted plants added to your garden. These could be laid out along your garden walls, on the deck or the patio among other places. Speaking of a patio, installing one in your garden can create the ideal social fixture for you and your friends to chat and relax during the warm summer months! The same is true of a decking. In the case of a deck, there are several materials you can choose from, ranging from vinyl to composite to softwood, hardwood or PVC. If you already have a deck, making sure it isn't in need of upgrades or repairs is easy with Brazilian Wood Depot as they come highly recommended. They can help with maintenance as well and they specialize in massaranduba wood decking which is offers beauty, durability, and strength that no other decking options can match. Having a variety of colors, massaranduba and other Brazilian wood species allow homeowners and contractors to choose the best hardwood for their decking plans.

When it comes to garden surfaces, it may interest you to have a new lawn surface added. Before doing so, you should consider what type of surface you want in terms of durability, looks and other characteristics. Further, you’ll also need to take turf prices into account! 

Adding backyard lights can really brighter up your garden as well and there are so many solar options available as well. This can be a beautiful way to add a safety feature to your garden. The important thing to remember when adding lighting to your outdoor space is to map out exactly where you would like the lighting to go. We added a gazebo that had an attached bug net to our back yard with some beautiful string lights. We also invested in a beautiful sofa and chair set that made it my new favorite place to be.

Lastly, what about adding a garden bench or two? It could be a straight, backless, or lutyens bench among many other types. In terms of materials, aluminum, timber, plastic resin, rattan, iron and steel are some of the commonly used!


Do you have a garden? What are some ways you have consider sprucing up your outdoor space?

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  1. We don't have a garden really but we have tons. of wild life including multiple types of birds.Great ideas!


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