Treats for the Busy Mom

Being a mom is hard work, there is no doubt about it. Often it is difficult to find the time for moms to put themselves first, which leads to burnout. Of course, adequate sleep, good food, and “me time” are all essential for a busy mom, but what about the little treats that might not seem as essential?

When parents have spare cash, it is common to see it handed over the counter to purchase a treat for a child. But what about the mom?

Busy moms need treats more than ever and this piece is a guide on what treats would be ideal for the busy mom in your life.   

Bath Bombs as a Gift  

Moms often do not have the time to sit down, let alone have a relaxing, undisturbed bath! Buying bath bombs for the mom who needs a much-needed rest is a lovely gift that subtly encourages some time out – when the children are asleep, of course.

There are plenty of brands to choose from and when it comes to bath goods and can even be handmade, so there is sure to be something that will suit every skin type and scent preference!

Perfume as a Gift

Speaking of scent, perfume is a luxury that can break the bank, especially the bank of parents. So, perfumes can be a wonderful, deluxe gift! When it comes to perfume, scents are very much a personal choice and it can be hard to pick the right one for someone else. But that does not mean gifting perfume has to be tricky! 

Why not purchase a Scent Magic Perfume Subscription? No one has to leave the house to get this thoughtful gift delivered straight to the door, which is perfect for moms on the go. The subscription gives others the option to find a scent they like without having to commit to a full-price bottle. Busy moms can easily spritz and carry on with their day as the notes unfold.    

Neck Massager as a Gift  

It is fair to assume that a busy mom does not have the time to go for a proper massage, but that does not mean the body should be neglected. Maybe there is a friend in mind who is working hard to work and raise children, or maybe the gift is not for anyone else. Whoever it is going to, a neck massager is a brilliant present to help tired muscles relax. Busy moms are always on the go, which means so are the muscles! Taking time out to get the body in tip-top shape is one of the greatest gifts to health and happiness!

Pop Socket as a Gift  

This simple, little nifty gadget is simply a round holder that is stuck on the back of a phone, which pops in and out. This grip is brilliant for those who are always juggling more than one thing at any time and can also act as a stand for those rare moments that someone gets to watch a bit of a program in peace!

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  1. I agree, every once in a while moms need a treat too. I like a nice dinner out, some "me" time, maybe a massage at the local spa, things I enjoy and try not to feel guilty about because I deserve it.


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