Reasons And Ways To Start Saving And Shopping For Christmas 2020 Now

The festivities of Christmas 2019 may have just finished, however it is important to remember that looking already at Christmas 2020 could be a very profitable and sensible thing to do. If you have children, it can be very important to get ahead of the game and look at good sales and look at lots of other things that can be purchased in advance that can really cause a problem to your wallet. Undoubtedly Christmas is expensive. The average person spends around $650 per Christmas, which for some people is a monthly wage or half of their monthly wage. Having extra disposable money is not a privilege everyone has and so shopping thriftily, looking at sales, working out a plan for the coming year and getting ahead of the game can really be a game changer and take the pressure of the coming Christmas. If you have a lot of people to buy for, the pennies can easily add up; however, Christmas is not just the price of gifts and Christmas cards. It is also a multitude of other things, from Christmas clothes, Christmas decorations, Christmas tree, food and so much more. Although it is a time for giving and celebrating, the statistics for people getting into debt around Christmas time are shocking and racking up bills on your credit cards that you can’t afford to repay, will do nothing for your credit rating and your financial status.

If you collect coupons or get specific offers around Christmas time then it is vital to take advantage of them. Often shops that you shop at regularly may offer vouchers, or loyalty cards where you can stock up on points and this is a really great thing to look at if you’re wanting to shop for food around the time of Christmas. So what are the best ways to start saving money for Christmas and why it is so important to start looking at your future Christmas shopping now? Let’s highlight some of the main points that will make you want to start sooner rather than later:

1. It relieves the pressure of last minute shopping - shops and stores are often incredibly busy and will probably sell out of some of the things you want near to Christmas. By shopping sooner, you can relieve the pressure of having to queue up, ask for what you need, have to tag on to waiting lists for certain products and the fear of not getting what you want in time. It is great for feeling in control and on top of the situation.

2. It can save money - by shopping in sales and at a time just after Christmas, you will find the prices are dramatically reduced, some to 75%. This is a great time to take advantage of grabbing gifts; often the gifts that were full price before Christmas may have 50% off and this is such a fabulous money saving trick that we often forget.

 3. You can plan things better - if your Christmas shopping is done way in advance, you can start to enjoy Christmas for what it is, which is a celebration. You can plan your days and weeks better, say yes to more things and keep your calendar open easier which is such a brilliant thing for making plans with friends and family. The pressure is off and you can enjoy that party!

4. It makes you feel good - it will definitely reduce your stress way in advance and you can walk around the shops and pursue online without any stress of worrying if the delivery will arrive on time or if there will be enough stock left in the shops for you.

When it comes to gifts, it is relatively easy to start saving and buying in January and early year without any pressure but its main benefit may be for your children. They may have wanted a toy last year that you just could not afford. However, with January sales, toys and clothes often come drastically down in price and you could take advantage of this for the coming Christmas. Yes, perhaps they may not want the toy anymore come this December, or may have forgotten about it but if you believe it was something educational or of worth in any way, it could be great to surprise them and rekindle their love and excite them again! You could even keep the gift for their birthday instead; it’s up to you!

There are lots of ways to start saving for the coming Christmas also well in advance if you decide against a big rush on shopping in January. Many people have been opting for the save a penny or a pound/dollar a week challenge although some of them are a little unachievable. It starts with saving a penny a week or whatever value of choice and then double it week after week. You can end up saving a thousand by the end of the year, but this is not always achievable for people on lower incomes or with big families and it’s important to remember that being able to save is a privilege and if it’s something you struggle with, it’s OK. instead, why not try to set up a type of piggy bank for grown ups where you can pop in loose change or any pennies you find in coat pockets and the bottom of your handbags. We often find little bits of money laying around the house and if it’s all in one collective pot, it can be very valuable over time. Even pennies and silvers can add up!

There is also a way to adapt this to your bank account also. Some banks will allow a save the change type of system where any money left over in your account will be transferred to a savings account. For example if you have $180.35 in your bank, it will automatically round it up to $180 and the left over $0.35 will be placed into a separate account. It may not amount to much over time but if this is something you feel you can afford to do, then it is a little extra pocket money which can be really important if you want to splash out on a gift for yourself through the year, use it on Christmas presents or even put it towards other things such as bills, treats or food; it’s a smart little trick. Ask your bank today if they offer this service.

So what ways are best and the most cost-effective? Let’s take a look at some more quick fire tips to help you achieve this:

1. Look at a pre-paid plan - some companies offer prepaid plans for Christmas that will take care of your entire Christmas. You can plan your Christmas food way in advance and start saving up a little account of cash for you to spend during the festive holidays when you need it. A lot of companies also offer food hampers and Christmas hampers which can be very helpful if you are feeding a larger crowd.

2. Look in thrift stores - thrift stores and sales are going to be your best friend for a cost-effective way to gift buy. They are often all under double figures and you can pick up unique items and vintage clothing for a fraction of the price you’d find anywhere else and a lot of thrift stores give to charity so you’re also supporting local causes which is an addition bonus during the holiday season.

3. Use apps - there are some apps that allow you to track the price of certain items that you want, that way you can keep on top of the latest deals, the stores that you love to shop in and when they may have deals. Keep on top of all deals and keep those days free to go for a peek to see what you can get your hands on!

4. Use eBay and Amazon wisely - these sites can be fantastic for cheap products that are either new or sold independently. Use them wisely, research well to ensure you're buying products that are legit, as we all know there are plenty of fakes on the internet and you don't want to be caught up in that. Look for specific products you could possibly get on there cheaper and take advantage of any vouchers you’ve ever had from them!

So there you have it, the best reasons to start saving now and shopping now to ensure your next Christmas runs smoothly. Christmas can certainly feel like a dash and if you’re unable to get time off work around the festive period, then shopping can be made even more difficult. It’s easy to feel tired and ready for rest after work, and navigating the crowds and traffic at Christmas is the last thing you feel like doing after your shift. So take advantage now whist the sales are good, to make your next festivities a happier, healthier and less stressful time. Enjoy your shopping!


  1. These are great tips, any time I see a sale I like browsing in case I see something that I could use as a gift

  2. It would definitely relieve some stress and help me to enjoy the holidays more if my shopping was already done. These are great ideas!

  3. I'm one of those people who is Christmas shopping by June, lol. If I didn't start early, I'd be broke on New Year's Day!

  4. I shop sales all year long. Otherwise I would have a hard time being able to gift.


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