How To Move Home With Your Piano

Specialist removals companies are a better option than trying to move your piano yourself. Moving your piano yourself is highly dangerous, both for you and the piano. Given this, it may be tempting to consider pianos for sale close to your new destination, rather than dealing with the stress of moving your current instrument. However, by hiring an expert with experience in transporting pianos, and by following this guide, you can put your fears to rest. Read on to see how you can safely get your prized possession from A to B with the right removal service. 

Piano Removal Do’s And Don’ts

Whether you have an upright, a grand, baby grand or a concert piano, you should always seek out dedicated professional piano removal services. Click here today to connect with an experienced removal firm. A professional service will know how to lift it correctly, package it so that it is protected and safely transport it unscathed to your new home. Using an experienced service is even more important if you have to navigate narrow, or other tricky spaces; moving a piano through narrow spaces, or up and down stairs are some of the most difficult aspects of piano removals. Getting a piano up or down stairs is not only tricky, but can also be dangerous, especially if you are not trained in the best way to lift, carry and hold the piano.

Not every furniture removal company has the experience needed, so it is best to ask when looking to book a removal firm. Most removal companies will be able to recommend professionals to move your instrument; if not then try the company that you purchased the instrument from. When lifting the piano, many professional movers will use weight lifting straps to help them maintain their grip on the piano. They will approach lifting your piano slowly and carefully, using as many able-bodied, strong, helpers as possible. It is also worth remembering that if you move your piano and damage it you could void your warranty or insurance, so if for no other reason, this should be enough to convince you to make sure you use a reputable piano removal company.

Specialist Piano Removals Services

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t try to move a baby grand or grand piano without specialist home removals professionals. Though the cost of piano removal can be high, it is more than worth paying this when you consider the cost of potential damage, not to mention the risk to your health should the piano slip or fall. A grand or concert piano can be extremely heavy often weighing in excess of 1000lbs. Professional piano removals will start by measuring your piano, plus the corridors, stairways and doorways it needs to fit through. They will then wrap the piano in cloth and plastic wrapping before sealing the keyboard lid to hold it in place whilst in transit.

To move the piano, they will, carefully, lift it onto a dolly or wheeled trolley and strap it on. A lot of pianos have casters or wheels. However, these should not be used during a removal as they are generally for display only and could either break or gouge your floor. The removers will slowly push the piano to their van and push it using a ramp. Removing the pianos from the trolley, they would normally place it against the back wall of the van and secure it in a position to stop it from moving during transit. The process is then reversed once you reach your destination, with the same level of care and attention to detail being used.

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