The Best Ways To Include Your Kids In Your Wedding Day

If you’re planning a wedding, one of your main priorities is likely finding ways to include your children. Including your kids in your wedding can be a great gesture, whether they are kids from previous relationships or kids that you share with your partner. Including them in the wedding will make them happy about anything that may change for them and ensure they don’t feel scared, left out, or confused. Take a look and see how you can include your kids on your wedding day:

Get Them To Help You Make Decorations, Invites, and RSVPs Beforehand, if your kids have a creative gift, you could get them to help you make things like decorations, invites, and RSVPs. Depending on their age, you may have to give them a simple job, but they will love being included and feeling like they helped do something important.

Give Them A Special Gift On The Day

On the morning of the day, give the kids a special gift. This could be anything you think they will like - you might even want to wait until the ceremony to give them gifts. You can give them to them at the same time as you give the bridesmaids gifts and other members of the wedding party.

Have Them As Bridesmaids/Groomsmen

It goes without saying that you should have your kids as bridesmaids and groomsmen. You could also have them as flower girls or ring bearers, depending on your/their preference.

Write Them Into The Vows/Speech

As you write your vows/speech, see if you can include the kids in them. This will make the vows/speech extra special, even if the kids aren't old enough to understand. Whatever you say, it’ll mean a lot to your partner for including them in your speech/vows.

Ask For Their Input On Different Decisions

You could potentially ask for their input on different decisions. You might like to take them to the cake tasting with you, for instance, or you could even ask for their opinion on entertainment. Browse the with them and see what they think of the bands. Again, this sort of thing gives them a sense of responsibility and will make them feel like they have had a hand in helping you to plan your special day.

Have Them Perform At The Ceremony

Maybe you could have them perform at the ceremony if they feel confident enough. Some kids are shy and won’t want to perform, while others will jump at the chance! If your kids are dancers, singers, or musicians, this could be a great time to showcase their talent. They could even just read something out, like a poem they’ve found/written. Ask them what they would like to do or give them ideas and see what they say. This could make your day extra special!

Now, you should have some lovely ideas to include your kids on your wedding day. Do you have ideas of your own? Leave a comment for our readers!


  1. I love these ideas. I was a flower girl when I was about three years old.

  2. This is something I know about first hand. When I met my husband, he got married really quick when he got out of Vietnam. He was divorced almost just as quick. Plus he had an affair that produced a child, but it ended very badly, because he didn’t want to get married since he just got out of a marriage! So she left with the baby. He never saw either of them again! When I met him, I was already alone with two kids. I met him through his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s daughter was in the same grade as my oldest daughter, so we met picking up our kids from school- plus we found out how small of a world it was! We lived in the same apartment building! One day, I picked up his girlfriend’s daughter from school and brought her home and there was my future husband answering the door to let her in. We didn’t plan to get together at all! We became friends. He was friends with my boyfriend, who I found out that he worked with him. So we became a foursome for about six months. Well I don’t need to go into it all, but we moved in together. We lived together for 6 years. We had two more children together. Don wanted to get married, but I was really not keen on the idea right away until his mom started in on me about the house he bought on his VA Loan would go into probate if he didn’t have a will, etc.and when we went to school or the doctors, etc. we had different last names and I was usually asked who I was! So getting married was a convenience to me at first. But I found God and found that with marriage came a lot of blessings. My mom was alive then. Her man friend was a seamstress. So he sewed all their dresses. They were the same color and style. He even made my dress, because I wouldn’t wear white. He made a beautiful grayish gown that sparked. He also made all of our silk flower bouquets �� My husband wore a really sharp deep blue suit. We did involve the girls in every thing - from the decorating of the small chapel, to the wedding shower, to the banquet hall we rented. The girls walked us down the aisle & danced, ate, had kiddie cocktails. Since my dad dropped dead three days before, my mom walked me slowly down the aisle, because she had MS. Some of my family members didn’t come. They were upset that I didn’t cancel the wedding, because of my dad. But my dad didn’t like us living in sin and we’re our biggest fan of our getting married. Plus some people came in from out of town, etc. We gave the kids a beautiful jewelry set. We felt all united as a family after we said our vows! All that happened 32 years ago this December 26th! Sorry I rambled on, but once I got started reminiscing, my memories just came flooding back. This was pin worthy. Thank you for sharing these tips!


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