7 Fairly Simple Ways To Make Your Kids More Attentive And Focused

Kids aren’t supposed to be the whole package just yet. They’re always going to be growing and learning (heck, there are men and women well into their thirties, forties, and fifties that are still picking basic things up!) But it would be nice if they could take in a few skills early on so that they have a solid foundation to build on as they grow. Basic cognitive skills, manners, and domestic chores are a few examples of what we’re talking about here.

The ability to pay attention and stay focused on things is another – and it’s a pretty significant one. It’s quite a simple and doable thing, but many kids (and, infuriatingly, adults) don’t quite grasp the concept very well. A more focused and attentive child has a better chance of growing into a competent and confident grown-up. If you feel as though your child is somewhat away with the fairies at times, then let’s have a little look at some of the things you can do as a parent.

Teach Them

The best way of doing this is by literally telling them what to do. If you get it into their heads enough, it’ll stick with them – especially when they’re at a young, impressionable age; they take information in like a sponge. Paying attention to someone, and listening to what someone has to say are just good manners. Make sure they realize that it’s quite rude to do the opposite.

Set An Example

Your kids are going to copy pretty much every word you say and every mannerism you perform. If you act like an ignoramus, then your children are going to think that’s the correct way of behaving. Likewise, if you act properly and listen to others, then they’re going to want to copy you. You might not realize just how powerful your simple and subtle actions are – if you don’t want them to behave like that; don’t do it yourself.

Play Games

Many activities that humans take part in require lots of focus. Pretty much all sports do. Whether it’s archery, baseball, or darts, the brain needs to be fully engaged and concentrated. Perhaps letting them try a few sports could help out this kind of thing. Video games also require lots of concentration, so if you’re open to letting them play those kinds of games, then go ahead. Old-school games like Simon Says require a player to pay attention to what’s being said – that’s literally the point of the game.

Check Whether Their Senses Are Functioning Properly

This sounds pretty ridiculous, but if they’re pretty ignorant, then it might be due to a genuine problem with their senses. They’re probably not paying attention, but they might also be genuinely handicapped slightly. Perhaps a trip to the doctor could solve a few problems. If nothing is going on, then it’s good to know. If there is something up with their hearing, then they might be able to point you in the direction of hearing aids that deliver the most realistic sound quality. It’s always a good idea to check with a doctor – you never know; something may get worse if left unattended.

Don’t Let Them Stare At Screens For Long

This is more of a modern problem, but kids are being made to look at iPads and smartphones by lazy parents, and it’s killing brain cells. You’ve probably done it yourself. Have you ever been staring at your phone and missed what someone was saying to you? Well, imagine a five-year-old doing that, and then never learning how to break away from that behavior. Not great, huh?

Keep Them Fed!

When we aren’t quite as nourished as we’d like to be, we tend to concentrate less. The brain also needs to be fed, remember? It’s not just about the limbs and the physical energy. Have you ever been working, and the hunger kicks in? You don’t function at your best speed. You need that lunch break to come around and provide you with the goods. You obviously aren’t going to let your kid go hungry, but make sure they have enough of the good brain foods. They’ll be close to peak performance in terms of focus if they’ve got a full stomach.

Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Sleep

In keeping with the idea of energy, you’ll want to check whether they’re actually getting enough sleep. When people are constantly tired and low on energy due to lack of sleep, their senses are weakened, and their ability to do basic tasks plummets. If they aren’t getting enough, then creating an evening routine might do the trick. Their body will get into the systemic pattern of doing things and, hopefully, they’ll start getting a little more shut-eye.

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  1. These are great tips. I had a lot of problems staying focused in school when I was bored.


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