Camp Essentials for Kids

If you are like me and my family, then you are already planning for the big events coming up this year. We do this to know what we have to save up for. One of the things that I know many families like to invest in is summer camp. We even have a camp available for spring break too! I think it is a great idea to keep your children entertained and meet new other children!

I have compiled a list of summer camp essentials. This list goes beyond clothes, a sleeping bag, and pillow which are probably more essentials if it is a sleep away camp.

Bathing Suit and Water Shoes. Pool or lake your child will probably go swimming or at least play in some sort of water especially if they are going to a summer camp.
Bug Spray. You don't know obstacles they will face and like the Boy Scouts says, " Always Be Prepared". I also suggest packing them a small first aid kit with a few bandages and some ointment even though they will most likely have one on site. I also suggest some hand sanitizer as well.
Flashlight. For safety going back and forth to the outhouse at night (if there is one) to playing light tag or telling spooky stories around the campfire. 
Toothbrush. Every time my daughter has a slumber party, she always has one friend who forgets their toothbrush! So make sure to add this to your list!
Cap or Sun Hat and Sunscreen. Keep them protected from those UV rays as much as possible.
Labels for Everything. Get custom stickers made from NameBubbles including a ton of options for kid name labels for anything and everything you can think. These labels are perfect for back to school as well!

Other camp essentials:
Water Bottle. Something you might not think about since water will most likely be provided, but this way they can have it readily on their person wherever they go.
Raincoat or Poncho. Could be rainy or could be sunshine. You child needs to be prepared for any weather.
Notebook or Journal. This is a great idea so your child can record their daily experiences and you can read about them too since children sometimes aren't the best at telling what they did in a day let alone a whole week!
Cheap or disposable camera. The pictures they take are priceless and that way you'll both have the memories to look back on, but it won't break the bank if they lose it.

What are some of your child's camp essentials? What do you think of StickerYou?


  1. I would love to get some photo stickers of my grandsons pictures

  2. Their stickers for fun :)


  3. Photo stickers or phone skins are awesome!

  4. I like the Peanuts Stickers and the It's Happy Bunny Stickers.

  5. I will get temporary tattoos for my granddaughters Girl Scout troop.

  6. For me, the clothing labels are a must! My 2 grandsons are constantly digging through the school Lost and Found looking for items they have left behind. Drives my son nuts lol. With those at least the school will know the owners of the items.

  7. I would like the kids book labels to use for school & crafts.


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