At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

I have been going back and forth about whether I could post this review or not. But I decided I would go ahead and get it out there because I do think this is a great product, it is just one of those cases of not every product works for every person.

When I received the opportunity to try out Smile Brilliant, I was so excited to try it out because I have coffee stains galore and my sister-in-law's wedding was coming up. Smile Brilliant is a complete at home teeth whitening system

At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

I knew I had some teeth sensitivity, which is why Smile Brilliant sent me their Sensitive Whitening System! The desensitizing gel included is a post-whitening treatment that helps reduce if not eliminate temporary tooth sensitivity caused by whitening. It also helps close the pores on your teeth faster which helps prevent re-staining.

Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Creating the molds was fairly easy and actually pretty fun. As you can see from my faces, I thought I looked super silly. Basically Smile Brilliant sends you everything that you need to make the molds, including all the instructions. They even send extra materials in case you mess up. After the molds are made, you mail them in with the pre-stamped envelope. And then your impressions will be sent to you.

I had a few difficulties along the way in my whitening process. It may not be as complicated as restorative and implant dentistry, I was only able to do before a few days of the whitening process and then I had to stop. But I still was able to see results. What happened was my gums are very sensitive due to the early stages of gingivitis so my gums were very sensitive to the whitening gel. Now if you don't have these issues you can use coconut oil of Vaseline to create a barrier between the whitening gel and your gums. Some people don't need that at all.

Teeth Whitening for Coffee Stains

I did notice that where I had tartar build up, the whitening gel loosened it up significantly and made it easy to remove later when I flossed. This was so amazing. My front teeth experience the most build up due to the coffee I drink, so my I was able to remove more build up when flossing than normal, I was very happy with the results.

Working with Smile Brilliant was a very pleasant experience because their customer service was very helpful. I was uneasy at the start of making my mold impressions and they let me send them pictures. They also said if it didn't work then they would send me another set of trays to try again, but my impressions worked perfectly.

Teeth Whitening Reviews

What I do recommend before using an at home whitening system, is to check with your dentist. Although I wasn't able to complete the entire whitening process, you can still see an improvement. The amazing thing is that Smile Brilliant gives you an 100% money back guarantee: "Not everyone's teeth are created equal. Some will whiten better than's science. Smile Brilliant gives everyone the opportunity to experience teeth whitening with no risk. We are 100% confident in our products and we know that you'll be satisfied with the results. If not, we'll give you a full refund." My issues were completely my own because I have personally neglected my oral health which should be everyone's top priority as it effects your overall health. This product would have been something I should have let my husband try out. He has stains due to braces, but besides that - he has excellent oral health.

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  1. I have never used any kind of whitener before except for toothpaste that advertised that it could help get your teeth white. My one daughter uses the Crest Whitening strips. My teeth and gums became sensitive over the years, especially after I had radiation and chemo. Then the Aredia drips and my stem cell transplant. In November, I had to have oral surgery to have all of my teeth removed. So sometimes it’s not just the lack of care to your teeth, it can also be the medications that you’re given can destroy otherwise healthy teeth and gums! I too would check with my dentist first before I make whitening my teeth a regimen. Thank you for being honest about your reservations and sharing this information!

  2. Heard a lot about whitening kits.. smile though have never tried before. It seems like it works for a while before you pick up stains again


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