How to Become a Product Review Blogger

People ask me all the time "how did I get into product reviewing and making money blogging". My journey into this job (that I love) is unconventional. I started just keeping track of my pregnancy with my daughter. While on bed rest, I had heard that you could make money blogging, but it was a penny a word type stuff and I didn't feel that was worth it for me. I took a break for a while from my blog because it was hard to keep up with it and a newborn. I picked it up again when my daughter was almost two. But since I was a stay-at-home mom (with no car for 6 months), I started trying to connect with other bloggers, so I could feel a sense of community and for some adult interaction. And I noticed other bloggers getting products to review. So I pitched one. I pitched a lot actually, but the first company that took a chance on me was Buddy Fruits. And since then this wonderful endeavor has opened up so many opportunities for me.

There are a few things you should note if you are going to try to get into this business:
1. You have to be able to meet personal deadlines.
2. You have to be able to follow through on any commitments you make.
3. You have to understand that this isn't just about "getting free stuff". It's a LOT of work.

So how do you become a product review blogger?

First open up a blog (blogger is super easy). Some people prefer Wordpress, but you can't get stuff for free or do sponsored posts on the free version. Pick a name that is unique, easy to say, and that can't be linked to something you don't want it to. One of my original ideas was actually the name of a Not-Safe-For-Work, adult site which I did NOT want to be associated with. So Google the name first.

Create Social Media Profiles. I have been obsessed with social media since my LiveJournal account in 2003. So when I started blogging I had every account needed. Facebook Page. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. YouTube. But I wish I could go back in time to make them all the same name and match my blog's name too. Now it even helps to have Tumblr, BlogLovin, SnapChat, but companies mostly ask for the main ones.

Add some Content. I suggest reviewing products you already own, so companies can see your style. Add product information and make sure you are reaching at least a 300 word count. Try to be as descriptive as possible. A stock image and a few sentences is NOT what companies are looking for. Make sure you use original pictures and original content while sharing info about the company, product, and your own opinions. DO NOT COPY & PASTE. Do NOT use other bloggers pictures without their permission AND make sure you are citing them. Check out for free images.

Add some Pictures. I use my iPhone and edit through PicMonkey. I have bought the year trial because I think it is a good deal and didn't want to keep switching between different sites. But I used the free editors for years because they have so much available. I do want to invest in a better camera and photography class, but I don't think it's a necessity depending on the level of content you want to create. Some bloggers use editing apps on their phones and are able to create very high level content with just an iphone.

Connect Google Analytics. Google how to do it. You will get numbers in blogger (or wordpress), but they aren't your actual stats because they include spammers and bots. Every company I know asks for your stats in Google Analytics. Plus there is SO MUCH you can do with it to learn what your readers like so you can produce more content like that. I also suggest buying your URL because some companies don't like seeing that .BlogSpot there, but it isn't absolutely necessary. It IS necessary on WordPress. Getting paid promotions is against WordPress' TOS on their free version.

No Follow Paid Links. Make sure you put the no follow tag on all paid links on your site, this includes any links you get for products. I had issues with Google last year because I didn't know this rule in the beginning. You do not want to get in trouble with Google. Thankfully everything is cleared up now, but it is NOT something you want to have to go through.

Connect with other bloggers. Join some Facebook groups. Make some friends. Grow your numbers. I have dedicated readers that are fellow bloggers and I know I have my favorite blog roll as well. Join linky parties and group giveaways if that's your thing, they both helped me grow my audience in the beginning.

Join some Sites. I created a list of sites that I have personally used to make money blogging. I have also created a list of sites that you can join to get free stuff even if you aren't a blogger, but it can really help to get you started especially since some of their campaigns are for bloggers only.

 If you have anymore questions, feel free to comment and I will try to answer your question to the best of my ability. I love blogging and feel it has helped my family in so many ways. From getting stuff we needed to review, to going on special trips, and even to help with a little extra income. I'm still learning as I go, but I'm definitely enjoying the ride as I go!

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  1. These are great tips for someone who wants to start being a product blogger. Definitely takes a lot of work and dedication!

  2. I have wrestled with this question for a while now!! I didn’t know about all of the rules! I hate to seem dumb, but I don’t know what the No Follow tags means on Google?? So it sounds like I would have a lot to learn! I also think that I wouldn’t sound professional and being sick a lot, I don’t know about the deadlines! But I love to read, learn, and have fun following you and some other bloggers! I feel like I know their kids and pets, etc. Thanks for the tips!!

  3. Great tips! I've always anted to look into it more!

  4. Looks like you have received some awesome products. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Great post. I have thought abought soing this but I really don't have the time.

  6. Can you explain a little bit more about the "No Follow Paid Links" I am so confused when it comes to this. Thanks


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