Share Memories with Mom Thanks to Mixbook

I love giving personalized creations for Mother's Day. We live in an age where we don't print pictures anymore, but it is something that is still so important to do. Since Mother's Day is coming up and my mother-in-law casually mentioned that she really liked photobooks and that she really doesn't have very many printed pictures of the grandchildren. So I decided to make her one with Mixbook.

When creating a photobook, the thing I loved the most was how many different options there were to create the perfect photobook. Each page can be customized in a way so you can always create a different book each time. Even if you choose one of their start templates and auto add your pictures, you can still customize it in any way you like.

Add your pictures with the upload or directly from social media. You can edit the sizes any way you like. recommends if a picture is too small to look well in your book so you can change the size if need be. You can add different embellishments as well. It took some time for me to create the perfect photobook because there were so many things you could edit. Although many of the pages were already created, I could just choose a different page and then change the embellishments to be wherever I wanted them, the size I wanted them, or remove them if I didn't like them.

Not only does Mixbook have photobooks, but you can also order home decor like canvas, metal, acrylic, or poster prints. They also have cards, calendars, and photo prints as well. I wanted to get a canvas print too, but maybe my hubby will give me one for Mother's Day. If you download their app, then you can make something called a five minute photobook which includes 20 photos from your phone. So there's a super easy and quick gift idea. Plus if you use code MSHIP for 50% off your purchase until 4/26/2017!

What do you think of Mixbook? Have you ever given a photobook to someone?

Although I received complimentary products to provide this post, all opinions are my own.


  1. I LOOOOVE this!! With all the pictures being online now this is such an amazing option!! I just love the ease of it and how pretty they turn out!! Plus they will last forever!!

  2. never heard about this one... I am going to get one for my mother but there are so many and I keep putting it off.................

  3. I love the look of Mixbook! It's such a clean, modern look that really lets the pictures shine. I agree, printed pictures are still important- maybe even more important now! This is an awesome Mother's Day gift!

  4. Mixbook sounds wonderful and I am a person who still likes photo books. I think this is a perfect gift for grandparents.
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  5. I'd never heard of Mixbook before. It looks really nice! I think that it's good to have ~options~ when looking to create these kinds of personalized products. (One rather well-known website in particular comes to mind; I don't think that I really know of any others.)

    Thank you for posting about Mixbook, and thanks for the promo code!


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