Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

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When you are pregnant (especially with your first) you worry about everything. You read all the books and have dreams of what life will be like with a newborn. But what about if something happens? It isn't something we like to think about, but it is something we should be talking about. Have you ever considered cord blood banking? Do you even know what it is or why you would choose to do it?

Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

Umbilical cord blood is blood that remains in the placenta and in the attached umbilical cord after childbirth. Cord blood is collected because it contains stem cells, which can be used to treat hematopoietic and genetic disorders, with more research being explored. Diseases that cord blood banking is used as standard treatment include (but are not limited to) Leukemia, Lymphoma, Sickle Cell Disease, Acute Myelofibrosis, & Bone Marrow Cancers. Cord Blood is also being used as therapy in certain clinical trials, including Cerebral Palsy, Crohn's Disease, Lupus, & Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Through cord blood banking, you can collect and preserve potentially lifesaving stem cells, and doing so could one day save the life of your child or a blood relative. You can bank even more stem cells by collecting them from two usable sources of stem cell-rich blood: the umbilical cord, cord vessels, cord platelet rich plasma and the placenta. This service is called Advanced Biobanking, and it's available only from LifebankUSA.

 Whether you choose Placental and Cord Blood Banking or Cord Blood Banking alone, there are many important reasons to choose LifebankUSA. LifebankUSA is the only cord blood bank that offers cord blood, placenta blood and tissue banking - and the first to release placenta-derived stem cells for a successful transplant. LifebankUSA is a technological leader that is pioneering key medical innovations in the field.

Have you ever thought about using a Cord Blood Bank?

This post is sponsored by LifebankUSA. I received compensation to share this information. All opinions are my own.


  1. I wanted so badly to do this with my son!! The benefits are just amazing!! I wish it wasn't so expensive to bank it :/

  2. I wish years ago this was an option when I had my children.I suffer from NCS sarcoidosis. My oldest daughter is having a daughter in July so were looking into Cord Blood Banking.


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