Wordless Wednesday - Yule Forest Tree Farm

This is our second year getting a real Christmas tree. We love the whole adventure of getting it and last year or tree stayed alive and beautiful all season long. This year, we must be getting better at picking trees because this one is even better! :)
Babywearing in our Boba Wrap & Hoodie to stay warm. :)
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Conquered the tree! :D


  1. What fantastic family fun! You and your hubby look so young or I'm just feeling old today. lol Okay, I'm going to say y'all just look amazingly young...like two adolescences. That's not at all a bad thing because when you're my age you'll appreciate it when someone is shocked to learn your age. Happy #WW & Merry Christmas! ;)

    1. I will definitely take that as a compliment! Hubby just turned 30 & I'm closer to it than I'd like to admit, so we feel old some days. :)

  2. Looks like ya'll had a great time! It's always fun picking out a tree.

  3. How fun! I love that they conquered the tree! We've never cut one down. But, we've never had a real one, either. They make me sneeze too much!


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