Nanny to Mommy: MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Giveaway, Ends 6/24

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Giveaway, Ends 6/24


Welcome to the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Giveaway!


I was lucky enough to win some MAM Anti-Colic Bottles in a giveaway a few months before Peanut came and they are GREAT!  They are self sterilizing which is so easy when you are traveling. He took them with no trouble at ALL. I was worried he would since he is breastfed and his breastfed sister would never take one, but this is the FIRST bottle we gave him and he takes it like a champ!
The nipple on these bottles is so silky soft and smooth. There is less confusion for babies going back and forth with breast and bottle feeding.
MAM USA was so gracious and has given us the chance for you all to have a chance to win a dual pack of these bottles in the color of your choosing. They offer blue, cream and pink.
You can read Julie's full review over at Tales From A Southern Mom, MAM Bottle Review!
Enter below and Good Luck to All!

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  1. It's hard for my babies to switch between bottles because I don't really bottle feed very much. But we only use MAM, so I'd love to win this giveaway!

  2. So far it's been either Playtex Drop-Ins or Dr. Browns. Each baby is different. I'm interested in the Mam bottles because I love the Mam pacifiers and I trust the company for quality.

  3. Thank you for the great information. I will give it a try. My son is turning 8 month very soon. I hope him enjoy it!

  4. We have tried several different bottles in the past - hoping to find just one that works for us with the next baby.

  5. yes- and never found 1 that stuck for more than 2 feeding!!!

  6. We used one type exclusively and were just lucky that our son took to it. We did purchase a few different kinds, just in case, but he liked one in particular - Avent.

  7. I try to use the same bottle type, however, with my son I had to try a few different types before I found the one that worked the best for him. I assume it will probably be the same with my baby girl, due this August:)

  8. I plan on trying different types til I find the right one, then sticking with it.

  9. It has been some time since mine were babies but back then I had tried several until I found ones I loved then I stuck with them

  10. I do have a different type of bottle for my newborn b/c my toddler chewed holes in the nipples of the older, right now they use different ones

  11. My daughter only liked one type of nipple so I pretty much used the same few bottles all of the time

  12. Yes, we use several kids of bottles.

  13. Yes, I have tried several different types of bottles with my kids. I would say the most used has been Dr. Browns bottles. But all of the attachments you have to wash each time can definitely be time consuming and a little annoying. I have never used MAMbaby bottles before, but they look awesome! I would love to try them with my daughter!

  14. I always used several different brands of bottles


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