Family Pictures FAIL, Wordless Wednesday #49 + LINKY

Sweet Pea was strange on vacation. She threw a ton of tantrums over nothing. This isn't like her at ALL. I think that girl just needs her schedule, ritual, and structure of her everyday environment to get her through the day. She is getting better with adjusting as she gets older. But clearly she still has her moments.
We felt like crying during this shoot because this was the only thing my mother-in-law truly wanted. And our daughter just wouldn't cooperate. I think the bloopers are kind of funny looking back (now that I know we did get some okay shots). More to come next week!

I actually kind of like this picture. And my pregnancy glow.

Did you ever have a photo shoot fail?


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  1. Everyone looks great! And Sweet Pea, well, she's just making things memorable.... who wants ordinary perfectly posed photos anyway?

  2. Those bloopers are amazing! Hopefully your mother-in-law will find the humor in them as well!

  3. My mom had my baby sisters pics taken ever 3 months of her life for the first two years and I think it was her 18 month appointment we went to the same place as always but for some reason she just FREAKED out. She actually seemed more scared than upset but I don't know what she would have been afraid of, either. It was weird. Thankfully it was one of those places inside of walmart and their policy doesnt make you buy the pictures if you aren't happy with them so after like 15 minutes of taking pictures of her crying and trying to distract her we just said sorry and left.

  4. aww how sweet. I have never had a photo shoot fail yet, but we are getting ready to take pictures with our dogs so we will see how that goes.

  5. Awww! Oh noes! It happens to us all!

  6. Where were you? That beach is beautiful!

    We have more photo fails there than successes. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

    1. Panama City Beach, Florida. It was so beautiful. The water was the clearest I've ever seen it.

  7. blooper pics are fun and what young child cooperates when you want or need them to? mine never did.

  8. LOL she was having none of it...cute heheh!

    Have a tanfastic week

  9. This reminds me of when all the grandkids took a picture for Grandma & Grandpa's anniversary gift. Leave it to MY kids to make faces (some silly others downright evil looking) or even just walk away to go sit down somewhere else. We did manage to get ONE good shot though & that's all that mattered!

  10. Photo shoots are hard - especially with kids. My 8 year old still get tired after 3 pictures. Love the sunset and you have great memories from even the "blooper" ones.

  11. Haha priceless! I think blooper pics are a given when little ones are involved! :)

  12. Love the vacation pics, tantrums and all! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  13. These pics are best! So much more interesting than those fake posed pictures. I mean, we take pictures for the memories right? This is what you should remember. The REAL stuff. Stuff that makes life worth living. Not the fake posed family pics! I love these!

  14. At that age, the question is, "Have you ever had a photo success?"

  15. These pics are hilarious! They will be all the more memorable down the road! Pictures like this just keep it real! You, however, look gorgeous!

  16. Awww she's adorable. reminds me of my daughter when we want to take a picture.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  17. These pics made me laugh so hard because I have many MANY just like them! My daughter is just a bit younger than yours, and you'd think I was trying to torture her whenever we attempt a family picture. I'm on the verge of giving up this year! Maybe I'll have to settle for a tantrum Christmas photo... I'm sure everyone would get a kick out of it. ;)


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