Wordless Wednesday - Pregnancy Problems

I thought this might be a fun little series to start. :)

#pregnancyProblems: Morning Sickness


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  1. that's one thing I will never miss...having tiny babies I WILL miss, pregnancy in general notsomuch

  2. LOL....so sorry if that is true for you! I've been there, done that. Try eliminating as much sugar and simple sugars as possible. And remember, it's all worth it!


  3. I loved being pregnant, but I am happy those days are long past me. lol

    Thanks for hosting the WW party!

    Bald River Falls

  4. Tooth brushing was just the worst! I used a regular toothbrush with my first pregnancy and would get sick every time. The second time around, I used a sonic care and only got sick once when brushing my teeth.

    I hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Awww, I didn't get any morning sickness, but every time. I brushed my teeth, I would seriously feel like I was going to be sick! I thought I was the only one!! Hehe!

  6. That is how I lived my entire first pregnancy - hugging the toilet. I couldn't keep anything down. Never let anyone talk you into eating steak when the baby inside of you is telling you not to get anywhere near food at all. Not pretty.

    I hope that all is well with you!

  7. Heheh! but can't be very nice :-)

    have a funtastic rest of week :-)

  8. Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  9. I had 3 pregnancies that I did not have morning sickness and one that made up for the rest, glad that is long gone.

  10. Thanks for Hosting Diana! I flubbed up this time and posted a link to one of my posts Oops! I tried to remove it, but couldn't :( Have a great week... funny and ironic thing is, you might like the post... it's baby related!

    1. This is a Wordless Wednesday linky, so a specific post is necessary. :)

  11. I hope that your morning sickness passes quickly. I love the graphic you sharing.


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