Homemade Baby Food with Nuk Freshfoods™ Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker

Thank you to NUK® Freshfoods™ for letting me try out this amazing product. You can also find them on Facebook! I would also like to thank Moms Meet for reaching out about this opportunity.

I don't know if I have mentioned my child's occasionally finicky eating habits. One moment she is eating raw broccoli and the next all she wants is cheese.

Well one can not live on cheese alone!

So I had to be creative with some of my SweetPea's favorite foods so I could still get her to eat fruits and veggies without her knowing it. I also like to know exactly what she is eating and making your own baby food is cheaper than buying for store bought products that are loaded with preservatives. That is why I am so excited to share this review of the NUK® Freshfoods™ Cook-n-Blend Baby food Maker.

              Nuk Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend baby Food MakerNUK Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker Free Recipe Book Annabel Karmel

And thanks to the NUK® Freshfoods™ Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker, making purées has never been easier. Easy to assemble, the NUK Freshfoods™ Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker steams the veggies and has two separate compartments to easily prepare multiple vegetables for yummy recipes.
nuk Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker

Here is the recipe I used:
Potato, Carrot, and Sweet Corn
7 oz of water
1 medium carrot, peeled and sliced (1/2 cup)
1 small sweet potato, peeled and chopped (1 cup)
1 potato, peeled and chopped (1 1/3 cups)
1 tbsp butter (a generous knob of butter)
1 small leek, trimmed and sliced
1/2 cup canned sweet corn
1/4 cup grated Cheddar cheese (optional)
Place the carrot, sweet potato and potato in the NUK Freshfoods™ Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker steam basket. Place the basket into the cooking bowl and tightly twist the lid closed. Place the cooking bowl on the base and lock into place. Unscrew the water reservoir knob at the top of the unit and fill with water to level 3. Tightly replace the knob. Press the on/off button to start cooking. The green light will come on and it will cook for approximately 17 minutes. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a saucepan and sauté the leek for about 5 minutes over a low heat until softened. Remove the basket and reserve the cooking liquid.Place the steamed vegetables directly into the cooking bowl. Add the sautéed leek, the sweet corn, the grated cheese (optional), and add 1.5 oz of the cooking liquid. To puree, turn the blender button to the desired speed depending on the texture you want.

NUK® has a wide variety of products that make the process of making your child's baby food easier.

Nuk Freshfoods Baby Food Maker
What you need to know about the NUK® Freshfoods™ Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker:
• Dual-action function steams and blends food for quick, nutritious meals in two easy steps
• Healthy steam cooking helps preserve vitamins and minerals
• Makes up to four meals at a time with large 32 oz bowl
• Double steamer basket separates food to help preserve flavors
• Beeps and stops automatically when ready
• With two texture options–smooth or chunky–you can use it for years as it grows with your child
• Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
• Includes bonus smoothie blade so the whole family can enjoy
• Includes free recipe book with meal ideas from world-famous child nutrition expert, Annabel Karmel

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet℠ program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet℠ blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinions on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

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  1. If I were having my kids now, I'd probably make my own baby food.

    1. I definitely am with my next baby. If I knew now what I knew when my two year old was eating purées regularly, then I would have exclusively made all her baby food. But live and learn, I guess.

  2. i've always been interested in one of these for my baby. thanks for sharing :)

    new follower via the bloh hop!

    1. They are a great buy! I was excited to get the opportunity to review it.

  3. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. They are awesome! Well worth the $90 on Amazon! :D

  4. Thanks so much for sharing!! I just started feeding my baby solids and I am making them :) I found you through "Mommy Moments" :)

    1. It's awesome feeling that accomplishment of making your own food in my opinion. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick


  6. While this looks great...a regular ole blender works too! Just saying in case it isn't in the budget. I am on baby #3 and I have made all my baby food with a very basic blender. Of course this does look very handy because it cooks it too:) Homemade baby food is definitely the way to go. It is a lot cheaper and healthier...oh and easy too!

    1. I think investing in a good baby food maker is a great idea. :)

  7. I have a rocket blender and it works great so far. I've only made bananas cuz my baby just started baby foods but we're going to try peas next!

    1. This cooks and purées your food, all-in-one! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing. Baby food really is expensive. I think that most parents who purchase the jarred ones just don't feel confident in making their own. It helps a whole lot when you get a vote of confidence from the little one who will be eating it.

    When that critic spits it out or otherwise voices a negative opinion regarding the taste as compared to baby food in a jar, that can push parents to spend what they don't have. However it really does help to save money this way and also, you know exactly what is inside the food.

    1. This is true. Especially for new parents. But babies spit out food, it's just what they do. :)

  9. Really cool! I like how it does everything.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  10. Looks simple! I plan to make #2s food :)

  11. What a nifty invention, and this is the first I've heard of it! It will make a great gift for the next baby shower!!!

  12. I have one but I'm not sure how to use it and I lost the directions... Help??

    1. Plug it in, fill water to line, put what veggies you want in, hit button to steam. Then turn dial to chop up. Make sure to remove plastic steamer before. Easy-Peasy. :)

  13. Super neat!! I would find this handy by pureeing what ever meal I made for the rest of my family for my baby!! I loved my larger food processor for making food to freeze though!


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