Don't Judge Others {Wordful Wednesday}

Hey Everyone! I'm here at the Graco Jogger Event today! :D

This Wordless Wednesday is actually very Word-FULL!

I had a not so great experience yesterday with someone close to me. And maybe they read this (I don't know), but they probably won't know what this is about or if it was even directed at them if they saw it. But it makes me feel better to get it out.

Sarcasm is Awesome.
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Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! :D

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  1. Thanks for another awesome Wednesday linkup Diana!! :)

  2. Those are good ones. Thanks for the linky. :)

  3. Great sayings thanks for sharing them and for the linky. If you have time stop by and link up at mine.

  4. I love these quotes. I wish a few certain people in my life would read them! Of course, we really shouldn't care about what others think anyway. If they want to waste their lives judging others, that's their own problem!!

    1. I try not to but this person directed something AT my child. It took everything thing in me for the mama side not to strangle them.

  5. These are quotes. But like you, I'm not sure the people who do it will know it's about them.

    Thank you so much for being a light in my life. I've nominated you for the Beautiful Mama award:

  6. Don't you just love to be judged by others? I had some lady make a nasty comment to me just the other day about my daughter wearing shorts (and a huge winter coat) in Michael's the other day. We had just gotten out of gymnastics and my daughter was hot and didn't put her pants on when we left. I figured a quick run into the store wasn't going to kill her, but this lady was full on wanting to call child services. You just gotta roll your eyes and move on.

    1. People suck. Haha. That woman didn't know your story, so why did she judge? Because some where along the line, someone judge her and she feels she has the right. :( Makes me so mad!


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