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I have been on a weightloss journey for over six months now. And I am really excited because I have lost 35 lbs! That's crazy! BUT...
clothes still don't fit right. At least clothes that I have to buy on the rack. That is why I love eShaki and I love this dress. eShakti is a retailer that has created selections that can be completely customizable. I was so excited to get this dress! The first thing I did was try it on! I love the design and detail. PLUS it has pockets! Just what every mama needs to hold on to pacifiers or soggy cheerios. ;D

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I went to my mother-in-law's to get help with the measurements. It was interesting to see how many inches I had actually lost.

When the package arrived at my door, I was in shock! It arrived so quickly! And the dress fit like a glove. It feels amazing, fits me perfectly, and makes me feel beautiful.

eShakti review

eShakti is a unique women’s apparel store online that allows custom changes in the style of the garment – sleeve, neckline, length can all be changed by the customer to your preference. They are the only company offering all styles in all sizes: 0-36W & Custom!

eShakti’s custom capabilities allow shoppers to easily tailor any item to their specific requirements ensuring a flattering fit and unique look. Built-in online customization tools allow women to modify original fashions to fit their size, shape and personal style. Unlike traditionally-tailored clothing, eShakti’s incredibly quick turnaround time allows customers to receive their custom-made look within two weeks of ordering!

In addition to the size and style personalization, they are now presenting, for the first time by any apparel brand - the choice to have embellishments or not, so one can dress up or down or the way they like it... personalizing a unique dress or top or skirt that is to one's style, color, size, embellishment preference. They ship across the USA & Canada.

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eShaki review

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Although I received free product from eShakti to provide this review, the heart of this post is all my own.


  1. Hi Diana. That dress looks beautiful on you. I love the design and the way the neckline goes. I am so glad I caught this post. Thanks for sharing.
    Leslie :)

  2. I loved this review. I actually was asked to do a review for them, but I was also asked to do Lendperk at the same time and just thought they were too similar with dresses. So I opted out of this one, but so glad to see how well it worked for you and loved the dress you picked on you!! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard of them, but definitely want to check it out.

  4. I recently lost a lot of weight as well. Funny because I haven't gotten to my goal so I have just avoided buying new clothes really. But now that I think about it, I think it is because the clothes still don't fit right and I don't feel awesome in them, so why spend the extra cash? Great review.

  5. These are such cute dresses, and you look GREAT! Congratulations on your weight loss! Your waste is so tiny. :)


  6. I like how personalized you can make the dress, and yours if a fabulous pick. Also congrats on the weight loss, 35 lbs. is awesome. :)


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