Sweet Pea's Christmas List: Linking Up with Toddle Along Tuesday

Sweet Pea's Bday is December 9th so Christmas and Birthday presents kind of run together. If we thought about it when we planned to have her, we would have probably planned when her birthday was a little better. We don't mean for them to get mixed together, they just kind of do. We don't have time to completely recover her birthday and then Christmas comes.

Her first Christmas she was only 2 weeks old, so we didn't worry about Christmas presents PLUS it snowed...in Georgia...her first Christmas. ♥ Last Christmas, we didn't buy her that much because we knew others would and she wouldn't know the difference. Is that bad? And she wouldn't have had time to enjoy Santa stuff anyways.

This year, all that changes. We still aren't going crazy with the gifts. We are buying her a big present this year and we are making sure she is going to have time to enjoy it, but besides that these are some ideas maybe for others. *wink*wink*

1 - Carter's 2-piece pajamas: Sweet Pea needs pajamas and loves Elephants and Daddy would get a kick out of these.

2 - Classic Disney Princess Rapunzel Doll: $10 yesterday at DisneyStore.com. PLUS FREE Shipping so I snagged it for her. (shhh) But she does love Rapunzel. She also loves Leaf Frog but with Scout and friends not the frogs, Elmo and Cookie Monster, and Curious George.

3 - Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for iPad devices: She loves playing with our iPhones and the iPad. Issue? She can get rough with them at times. Especially with the iPad. I love for her to play with it because it has educational games and can keep her entertained in a tough spot. And Fisher Price made this awesome toy.

4 - Rapunzel Classic Doll Collection 5pc Accessory Set: $8 yesterday at DisneyStore.com. PLUS FREE Shipping. I snagged it too.

5 - Little Tikes Deluxe 3-1 Tricycle - Girls: We are buying her this awesome cool 3-1 tricycle. This is going to be her big gift. Love the idea of handles and straps while she is young and that it converts!

6 -Disney Princess Toddler Helmet Value Pack: Everyone needs a helmet! :)

7 - Rapunzel Jewelry Box: And I did not buy this jewelry box, but saw it when I was getting pictures for this post. I just love it. But she may be a little young for it.

8 - Minnie Mouse Beauty Set: I also bought a Minnie Mouse Beauty Set for her yesterday, although it's not pictured. :)

{Edit - Add} 9. I also love this Disney Princess Sweat Suit outfit too. ♥ Found at DisneyStore.com in Disney Parks section.

So my question is for you, what do you plan on getting your little one? Also if you or your child's birthday is close to Christmas, how do you avoid smushing them together?


  1. You are such an amazing mama! I just found your cute blog through the blog hop link-up, so glad I did :) Now following you via GFC and excited to read more!!



  2. We always go a little crazy at Christmas too for our girls! My birthday is in January,so I felt like I got double gifts

  3. My daughter was born on Dec. 11, 2010 - and she's getting very into playing 'grown up'! A jewelry box would be a great idea!

  4. Oooh a Tangled doll! I might need to add that to Carina's list, too!

  5. I always go crazy too, it's just so much fun and you don't get many years where they go nuts for toys. Enjoy it, I know I sure do :) We LOVE Tangled in our house, but since now we have got it all, we've moved onto Merida (Brave) for Christmas :)

    Following/commeting from the Mommy brain mixer! I hope you'll come and do the same :)


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