Kroger trip - 8/31/12 - 91% Savings!

Hello everyone! Happy Labor Day. I hope you all get to be lazy! ;)
I had a very FUN, long weekend. My mom watched Sweet Pea (her first time spending the night at her house) and the Hubby and I went to DRAGON*CON! We only got to go Saturday but it was a BLAST! There were TONS of people and I think I'm coming down with something now but it was totally worth it. This trip is actually from Friday and Hubby went shopping for me. I am so proud. :)
Just realized Hubby did forget the Skippy Peanut Butter. And he forgot a rain check. I missed the Publix sale on this and now Kroger's and I need peanut butter. :/
Here is what he got:

4 Brawny 1ct Paper Towels 50% off
- 4 $1/1 package IPs from Facebook (NLA) = $0.84 MONEY MAKER

10 Dial Handsoap $0.88
- 10 $0.35/1 from 8/19 RP = $1.80 or $0.18 each

1 Hershey's Pleasure 2/$6
- $2/1 from 8/19 SS = $1

Fresh Selection Garden Salad (Em Discount)
= $1.35

4 StayFree pads @ $1.99
- 4 $2/1 from 8/26 SS = $0.04 MM!

Total OOP = $4.55
Total Savings = $35.73
Saved 91%! So how did you do?

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  1. What a great trip. I need to get some hand soap but I haven't seen such a great deal anytime recently! Sorry to hear about the peanut butter. I forgot to get rainchecks during the last sale and I was really kicking myself. I have a wad of different ones that I haven't used because the coupon expired before they got stock back or I made it back to the store but they are the most useful tool to get everything you need at the price you need :)


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