A Day of Rememberance: Where were you?

I remember being in my homeroom class. I was a Sophomore in High School. My English teacher, although I can't remember his name, was on the National Reserves. He left the room abruptly as the 20 or so teens in the class were left dazed and confused as to what was going on. Then someone turned on the TV. They turned it on as a joke but what we saw terrified us all.

Classes no longer mattered. They just muddled together.

Third period was my favorite class. Chorus. My best friend was in there. Her brother-in-law worked at the Pentagon and we had just learned it had been hit as well. My friends prayed together as a group. Our Choir Instructor let her leave to try and call her sister. Fortunately he was out sick that day.

Final period our class went to the Library to watch the footage. I felt exhausted arriving to the Library. I had been a long emotional day. But then watching the footage of the men and woman helping save others, I felt selfish. I was no longer tired.

My Father came to pick me up that day. Others had already left for the day. We went home and watched and waited. It was agonizing. And I cried. I had no idea why I was crying at the time. But I know now I was crying for all those people and their families. And the people trying to save them.

I was young and self-centered back then. It was the first time in my life something outside of my own existence had impacted me. And although I wasn't involved, how could I not look at those images and not be impacted? How can I still look at those images and not be impacted? How can anyone?

So my questions is, where were you that day? Do you remember what you were doing? How you felt?


  1. 11 years ago, my family was all gathered in NJ (7 miles from NYC) to attend the funeral service for my 36 year old uncle (we were only 13 1/2 years apart and very close). As we walked out of the funeral home, we were informed of the first plane flying into the tower. Once we reached the church, we were informed of the second plane. We all felt the towers fall as the church shook. It was a very rough day. One of our second cousins had taken the morning off from work in the towers (uniform was in car to head there) but was with us that day instead of in the towers. We've been very thankful ever since. As well, I have second cousins from a Long Island Fire Dept that also were with us and not taking care of things in NYC. My family has had a very rough time these past 11 years because we all know where we were, and how our biggest role model was taken too soon, but at the same time, he saved the lives of our family members as well. (If you have seen the 9/11 commercial on tv, my cousin, Beth, is the last person shown.)

  2. Thank you for sharing your story.


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