Weekly Totals: Kroger Trip 8/25

 Just went to Kroger this week (there was nothing I was interested in getting from Publix) and I thought I would be able to get a picture this week but, alas, again I failed. Anyways, We went late last night to Kroger. So it was the last sale day AND it was a Saturday which has to be like the worse day to go. Anyways, I wanted to get Mott's Snack n' Gos BUT they were out at two stores (my husband says the were out at the warehouse, they had been out his store all week long) and it was this HUGE ordeal to get a rain check which I can't go into but I did finally get my rain check and that's all that matters.

I also had coupons for free nestle pure life waters that were on the mega so I decided to not get a few things because I had to buy ten. See they lost money because of people like me. Did I mention how much I dislike mega events? I am however excited for the 50% sale that started today.

Anyways so here is the break down:
Kroger canned chicken x 4 =  $5
Kroger Shredded cheese x 2 = $2.86
Kroger Large eggs 18 ct = $2.51
Kroger Whole Milk Gallon @ 2/$5 = $2.00
Coca Cola 6 pk 2 liters @ $2.28 (3 day sale) x 4 = $9.12
Kroger croutons x 2 = $1.80
Dial Liquid Hand Soap @ $0.88 x 4 - 4 $0.35/1 from 8/19 RP doubled = $0.72 or $0.18 each
Starkist Tuna Pouches x 2 - 2 $1/1 IPs (NLA) = $1.58
Stonyfield Greek Yogurt x 4 = FREE (emailing companies)
Fresh Selections Garden salads x 2 = $3.04
Bananas 1.53lb @ $0.57/lb = $0.87
Bumblebee Tuna = FREE (emailing companies)

Mega Event items:
Tennessee Sausage Biscuits @ $5.49 x 3 - 2 $1/1 IPs - $1/1 from Aug 2012 AllYou Magazine = $13.47 or $4.49 a bag or $0.22 a biscuit!
Bird's Eye Steamfresh Frozen Veggies @ $0.99 x 3 - $1/3 from Aug 2012 AllYou Magazine = $1.97 or $0.66 each
Ronzoni Garden Pasta @ $0.49 x 4 = $1.96

Total Spent = $49.50
Total Savings = $48.52

Total Percentage Saved = 49.5%!

Would have been more. And I am pretty dis appointed when the way things went down. I can't wait until after our vacation so I can get a new car...hopefully. *fingers crossed*

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