20 months and 8/9/12 Kroger trip

So I have a 20 month old as of yesterday! I still can't believe with each month going by how big she is and how much she can do. She is absolutely amazing. I love her so much. Time seems to go by so fast with children.

So yesterday we also went to Kroger. It started raining while we were in the store and not only did me, hubby, and sweet pea go but we also had my friend's daughter (who I take care of) with us as well. So getting all the groceries in the car and the two little ones was a big ordeal. So we only saved 45% but this was our time to get things we needed like produce and dairy items. I also needed paper products as well because my HUGE stockpile of toilet paper was depleted. I also didn't manage to snap a picture because we were trying to get both little ones in the house and everything put away before my in-laws came over for dinner. But here is the break down of what I bought:

Kroger Napkins = $1.67
Bounty Paper Towels $5.99 x 2 - 2 $1 coupons = $9.98
Powerade $0.59 x 15 - 5 B2G1 FREE coupons = $5.90 or $0.39 each
Kroger Whole Milk = $2.50
Tennessee Pride Sausage Biscuits $6.99 x 2 - 2 $1 IPs = $11.98
Fresh Express Garden Salad - $0.40 coupon from mailer = $2.29
Cucumbers x 2 = $1
Charmin 12 pk Toilet Paper $5.99 x 2 - 2 $1 = $9.98
Kroger Tuna x 4  = $3
Kroger Bacon Bits x 2 = $3.97
Kroger shredded cheese x 2 - $0.70/2 coupon from mailer = $6.72
Kroger sliced cheese - $0.40/1 from mailer = $2.10
Stayfree pad 2/$4 - $2 from 7/22 SS = FREE
Rubbermaid Sandwich Kits $5.99 x 2 - $1.50 IPs = $8.98
Kroger bread = $1
Kroger Large Eggs = $2.69

Total after coupons = $64.25
Total Saved = $57.30

53% savings. Over budget but got things to help save money in the future like the sandwich kits so hubby can bring his lunch. :) Going to also try and submit for this P&G rebate, I think I bought enough. :/ Remember, we get an employee discount. The mailer coupons are from the Kroger home mailers that everyone can get when you sign up for a Kroger Plus Card. Each mailer comes with different coupons specifically for your family's needs.

So how did you do? Please post your link below! :D

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