It's been a crazy month!

Lizzie had a great birthday. We celebrated her birthday with a balloon and a cupcake. Her Aunt graduated from Nursing School that night so we went to that and out to eat later.

12/9 was her birth date but 12/11 (her original EDD) is when we had her party. Many people came and she got lots of presents and had a lot of fun. :)

12/12 was Lizzie's One Month Check-Up:

The had to prick her finger but her blood work came back normal, she had to get 5 shots, she weighed 18.2 pounds. Doctor said she could drink whole milk now and that she can eat everything but spicy food. The doctor also gave her a sucker for being such a good girl.

12/17 we went and saw Santa.

She was not impressed but at least she didn't CRY! :)

CHRISTMAS! 12/18 was hubby's mom's side,

Our Entire Family

12/22 was my dad's extended families side,

With my Grandmother

12/23 was hubby's dad's side, 12/24 we got together with hubby's direct family and did our traditional reading of "The Night Before Christmas",

Lovin on Lexus

Christmas Day we went over to the in-laws and then to my SIL's house really quick and THEN to do a store check for hubby's work and THEN (lol) to my dad's side's Christmas, 12/26 my mom's family came over. WHEW! We were busy people!

That's it! We had a busy, busy month! Maybe we can have some time to relax now... :)

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