Nanny to Mommy: 7 Months Old! :D

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

7 Months Old! :D

Can you believe Lizzie is SEVEN months old! I can't! We weighed her on the Wii yesterday, it kept saying different things but she's around 15 pounds. She's our little sweet pea! :D She is officially mobile, although she does the army crawl. She went all the way from her room to our bedroom today. :) That's the only real update I have. Next doctor's appointment is in September, right after we come back from Florida. Next month is the family reunion where she gets to meet my extended family.

She really enjoyed her Independence Weekend:

Saturday -


Sunday -

Monday -


She started eating puffs:


Okay that's it! Don't forget to vote for Lizzie for the Gerber Generations supported sitter. She could win a college scholarship! :D


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