6 Month Check Up

Can you believe it?! Half a year has gone by! Where does the time go? Technically she turned 6 months on Thursday. BUT WOW!

Today Lizzie had her check up. She weighed 14 pounds, was 25 inches long, and her head was 43 inches. I'm not sure of her percentiles. For weight and height she had been at 25 but he said her weight had dipped a little but it was fine because it was probably due to teething. Which I think it's true because she has been extra fussy and refusing to nurse. BTW it never fails when the doctor comes in the room that we are nursing.

We went and saw the other doctor last month when she was sick and he told us that the red spots she had been getting around her eyes were just because Caucasian babies get them. Well our regular doctor asked about them (because he knew she hadn't had them at birth) and said we can put vaseline on them and to make sure I keep the area clean (which I do).

She can start on stage 2 foods which is just crazy!

She also had to have FOUR shots, two in each leg and an oral. The nurse and I were talking, she was laying there happily listening to us and then that lady poked her and she SCREAMED this whimpering scream. It was the worst.

She can sit up for a long time now but can't pull herself into a sitting position, she can roll over both ways, and is scooting everywhere!

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